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Ear Piercing Ideas: Ear Fashion is On

Ear Piercing Ideas

You’ll get your “ear piercing” (or several), but you’re not sure what their names are or what kinds of ear piercings exist. Instagram has so many pictures of such earrings, that it’s unlikely not to be captivated. Relax; we’ve got you covered with an earring “masterclass.”

Ear piercings are one of those timeless fashion trends. They take our style to the next level and serve as a form of interpretation, right? You can wear as many earrings in your piercings as you want, depending on the look you want to give your outfits. Piercings on the ears are true works of art. Are you ready to show off your ear fashion?

We know you love piercings (what woman doesn’t?) and that getting a second hole in your ear isn’t enough for you. You desire more. You specifically want an ear full of earrings (welcome to the club). Oh, they’re so lovely! When we look at celebrity ear piercings, we can see how they experiment with different piercings.

The tragus piercing is the most popular in the celebrity world, but there are numerous other names you should know before purchasing your next earring. Ahem, there are more than ten types of piercings in your ear. Do you want to know what piercing is best for migraines? Not sure what to wear with your new ear piercing?

Gold, silver, hoops, helix, rook. Welcome to our ‘piercing party,’ put your ear on.


Let’s begin by reviewing the labels of the possible piercings you’ll do on your ear so that you can begin thinking about how to merge all of your earrings. These are the different types of piercings (you now know what they’re called):

  • Helix
  • Anti-helix (or contra-helix)
  • Rook
  • Flat
  • Daith
  • Conch
  • Tragus
  • Anti-tragus
  • Snug
  • Upper and lower lobes


Ear Piercing Ideas

The helix piercing is the most popular type of earring because the hole is located in the outer fold of the ear (above the cartilage), and it is the most versatile of all piercings because you CAN USE IT for any earring. Furthermore, you can have as many ‘helix piercings’ as your ear allows, but it is more flattering if you wear one to three (hence the most popular is the “double helix piercing”). Our must-have item? The hoop earring in the helix is a sure bet (see Chiara Ferragni’s earrings and, if you want to go even further, copy Cristina Pedroche’s piercing).

  • Helix piercing pain: Helix piercing is not painful because there aren’t many nerve endings in the ear cartilage. To give you an idea, the navel piercing is more painful.


Ear Piercing Ideas

As the name implies, the antihelix (or contra-helix) piercing is situated on the opposite side of the ear from the helix and is pierced above the tragus. This earring can use thick and fine piercings, making the hoops look lovely. Try combining an antihelix earring piercing with another in the tragus.

  • Anti-helix piercing pain: As with all piercings in the ear cartilage, you’ll notice it (though it’s not *very* painful). On a scale of 10, we’d give it a 4.8. Do you get the picture?


Ear Piercing Ideas

One of the most popular piercings among celebrities (see BeyoncĂ© or Rihanna) is the rook. The ‘rook’ piercing is always done vertically in the upper inner crease of the ear (also known as the small ridge). As a result, it is best to choose a tiny earring for the rook; it will be less irritating and will always be the focal point of your ear look.

  • Rook piercing pain: Because the piercing is done in the ear cartilage, a thicker area without direct blood flow, the pain is slightly more intense, but the good news is that it hardly bleeds.


Ear Piercing Ideas

The flat piercing is situated in the upper crease of the ear, between the rook and the helix. If there were an Oscar for the most elegant piercing, the flat piercing would unquestionably win for the minimalist look it gives to the ear, right? We recommend more minor piercings, plain or with stones, for the flat earring.


Ear Piercing Ideas

Now for my personal favorite: the Daith piercing (the one that all women are doing because it is the most beautiful, well, that one). The daith ear piercing is the migraine solution you’ve been looking for. It is also referred to as a “migraine piercing.” The piercing for a daith earring is in the innermost cartilage of the ear, right in the center, so when it comes to pain, the daith hurts a little more than the other ear piercings.

  • Important: the best thing to do is to wear a banana-shaped earring to clean it easily until your daith heals (you know how annoying an infected piercing can be). You should be able to change it after two months.


Ear Piercing Ideas

The conch piercing (also known as conch piercing) is located in the shell of the ear, as the name implies. It is a piercing in the lower part of the cartilage, just above the anti-tragus. To clarify, the conch piercing is the one that “hugs” the ear from the outside when we wear hoop earrings. There are, however, other equally fashionable options, such as the inner conch that Zoe Kravitz wears as a pearl (or bead).

  • Pain from conch piercing: The conch is one of the most painful piercings in the ear because it requires a lot of force to pierce and is located in the lower cartilage. However, it is incredibly fashionable (it will be worth it).


Ear Piercing Ideas

Meet the tragus piercing, the true piercing breaker. The tragus ear piercing is made directly in the cartilage that leads to the ear canal. Simply put, the tragus is the piercing that runs through the center of the ear, in front of and beside the sideburns. And, yes, it’s super trendy, it looks great, and it will give you an alluring look, but if you want to take it a step further, ditch the ring in the tragus and replace it with a tiny earring in a cute shape (preferably with screw nut, more comfortable impossible).

  • Piercing tragus pain: Yes, it will hurt, but just a little pressure with the needle, and you’re done. But how beautiful will it be?

On the other hand, the anti-tragus is the piercing found on the opposite side of the tragus (at the top of the lobe that protrudes). It is exceptionally unique but also one of the most painful ear piercings.


Ear Piercing Ideas

The snug piercing is a vertical protrusion in the ear’s inner cartilage. It is distinguishable because it only covers the parallel lower cartilage. If you want a subtle and discrete earring that stands out, the snug is the piercing for you.

  • Snug piercing pain: Don’t be fooled, the snug is one of the most painful piercings, and proper care is required to keep it rigrous. But imagine it’s only a second, and you’ll look piercing for a while.


Ear Piercing Ideas

This one is simple. The lobe piercing is the traditional classic earring (which almost everyone wears), whereas the upper lobe piercing is the “second hole” of a lifetime. Both piercings are done in the fleshiest part of the ear, making them the easiest to heal. Furthermore, you can have as many piercings as your lobe allows, and you can later use any form or closure of earrings because the area adapts beautifully.

And thank you so much for the masterful performance. We hope we’ve assisted you in deciding on your next ear piercing (and we’d pay to see those ear looks).

Ear Piercing Ideas
Ear Piercing Ideas

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