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10 Adorable Dog Tattoo Design Ideas

Dog Tattoo Design Ideas

The dog is one of the most popular and passionate tattoos among all the animal’s tattoo. Because a dog is a most loyal friend of humans. They are very close to human and this relation is purely unconditional. Dog tattoo is as cool and as trendy and at the same time emotional. It has a huge craze between pet lovers specifically dog lovers. The dog is a symbol of strength, loyalty, and stability, intelligence, dominance, etc. In another way, a dog is the best human and protector for themselves from evil enemies.

Dogs are the symbol of communication; they have a magical power to connect with people psychologically or physically. On the other hand, dogs are believed that the sentinels to the spirit life. Many ancient histories, like, Egyptian, Roman, Celtic, etc. describe the canine’s association between physical and non- physical parameters. Some ancient story regarding dogs is very interesting. In Mesopotamia, people used to believe that, goddess, Inanna, always roamed around with seven hunting dogs in leash and collar. This indicates that dogs are the greatest companions and hunters.

Nowadays, people who love dogs especially get inked to display their affection. It will also help you to hold the sweet memory of your beloved pet with you. Always remember that the tattoo is a life-long affair. So, before getting inked, you should know about its whereabouts. Here, we have tried to line up some adorable designs of dog tattoos and their meanings. Hope you will enjoy and perceive useful enough to choose the ideal one for you.


1. White dog tattoo on ankle

This is a cute Maltese puppy tattoo with a sign of love. Malteses are lovable and non-violent breeds. Females love this type of tattoos very much. It shows the innocent and loving nature of the wearer. You can put them as a memory.  Also, a white dog tattoo is an icon for clarity, purification of mind. Simple black and white tattoo are less expensive. But if you choose to place it on the ankle it will cost you a little high. Due to extreme sun exposure, you may need multiple touch-ups. Though, ankle tattoo is cool and trendy.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

2. Mirror image dog tattoo

This shiny black far coated French bulldog is an absolute beauty. They are so adorable and hold a loving memory. A person who loves a dog or has a French bulldog, the tattoo is perfect for them. These types’ tattoos are so real, that it looks like a mirror image of the real one. The black dog conveys the sacred association. Also, people, who have the courage for passing through the dark phase of life, were black dog tattoo. Here dog tattoo provides a sense of protection. But be careful when you are getting inked at the crease line. It is painful.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

3. Touching dog tattoo

A dog is a healer. They are most affectionate among the entire pets. It can help you to recover from any negativity or give you the power to heal others. It portrays that the tattoo owner is very close to her pet. The hand sketch style gives an artistic approach. The inner arm is perfect for a tattoo. Because this area of the hand gets less sunlight and low maintenance. You can flaunt them always. The red heart adds striking beauty to it. Color tattoo cost you high.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

4. Love bond dog tattoo

If you are both a dog and cat lover, then this tattoo is for you. You can hold their memory together for a whole life. This is a minimalistic tattoo but conveys a huge story. It displays the love bond. The red heart enhances the beauty of the design. The inner arm is good for a tattoo in terms of maintenance. You can flaunt them, or if needed cover them. The Blackline diagram costs you less. That kind of simple and small size tattoo is ideal for females or teenagers.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

5. Human and canine tattoo

This is a lovely meaningful painting. A red dog is lying alongside a little girl. Red dog state victory and manhood. It means, here the dog is a protector or guardian of the little girl. It displays trust and love for each other. A girl, who wants to show off this relationship, will go for this one. The upper arm tattoo is less painful. But fine detailing and color shade is a costly one. But for the sake of love and memory, it is worth.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

6. Small gang dog tattoo

If you are a proud parent of numbers of dogs, and you want to frame each of them, this cluster gang tattoo idea suits you. Besides this, people who love a dog and advocate their importance also flaunt like this. The tiny finger tattoo concept is perfect to accommodate multiple numbers of canines. Though finger tattoo is painful, it is very popular among tattoo lovers. Shades of dark grey and black made the tattoo monochromatic which is prominent yet soft and sober. Boys and men love to wear them. Sometimes they wear them to display their strength.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

7. Couple dog tattoo

This one is absolutely a lovie-dubby concept. When your partner is also a dog lover, as much as you, then go for contrasting tattoo ideas. All you have to do is, choose two different designs, which are complementing each other. Couples always want to state that they are incomplete without each other. Here one person holding a loving breed where the other one shows off his food or toy. Both your tattoo will make a story together. You can wear them on arms, fingers, or neck. This grey tattoo with fine stroke and dot work is very artistic.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

8. Boxer portrait tattoo

Ohh… You can see all the drama on his face. Boxers are very intelligent and playful breeds. They are very loyal to protect their family. Thus the tattoo owners enjoy the sense of security. Boxer tattoo reflects the temperament of the tattoo wearer. They are highly energetic, which influences the owner also. Here the seating posture depicts that whether he is waiting for his loved one or protecting them. This black and grey tattoo is mind-blowing. The intricate features and shades enhance beauty at its best. You can put these small size tattoos wherever you want.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

9. Minimalist pet duo tattoo

Here is another cute and adorable example of a simplistic duo pet tattoo. These are the best choice for absolute pet lovers who own the dog and cat at the same place. And in this case dog and cat share a very cute brotherly friendship. Tattoo owner can get inked with this type of idea in the loving memory of her pets. It depicts the unusual relationship. It also can help you to get out of loneliness. You can flaunt them and spreads love all over.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

10. Minimalist dog tattoo

People who are not very fond of heavy tattoos can choose the minimalistic approach. The concept is ‘less is more’. Few single line strokes can convey a beautiful story. Females prefer this type of cute, small, and simplistic tattoos. it shows unconditional love for each other. The sense of the presence of your loved one is always precious and helps you to fight against all the odd ones.

This way you can design your tattoos by adding your vision and style to dog tattoos to embellish an individual design that fits your personality.

Adorable Dog Tattoo Design

Getting a tattoo is a kind of serious affair, so choose wisely. It won’t be wont to say it is like getting married. If you choose the right design, it might end with a lifetime of happiness. Don’t even think about getting it removed. Instead, stick to it and flaunt it all the time.¬† Covering your tattoo, later on, isn’t worth it and so take the time to carefully consider your decision first. I hope the above designs will give you a better idea and with the following tattoo designs with its meaning and message, you will end up having an amazing tattoo experience.

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