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Best Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women

Top 13 Best Hairstyles | Haircuts for Women.

Curly hair, is difficult to manage, but are a blessing.  Having curly hair is not producing red carpet, glamorous styles. You can take a cue of the celebrities having curly hair naturally. In fact, the curly haired people are the one taking less time to get ready. They need hair spray and bobby pins to get the best effect. Here are styles to hold up, regardless of whether you are considering a casual or formal look, these Best Hairstyles & Haircuts are sure to impress.

Top 13 Best Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women

Messy Topknot

This curly hairstyle allows your springy curls with an easy updo. Keep the bun secure on the top and let some tendrils fall like hair rings, you are sure to add major personality.

Messy Top knot Hairstyles | Top Knot Hairstyles | Celebrity Top Knots

Low Ponytail French Braid

This style is very easy and suits from day to night. The French braid stays wrapped with the low ponytail and does not fall at every turn.

Fantastic French Braid Ponytails | French Braid Ponytails for Long Hair

Half Bun for Short Hair

Short curly hair, it is really simple. Just a twisted bun allows your short hair stay without fuss and keeps your face free.

Half Bun for Short Hair
Half Bun for Short Hair | Half Bun Hairstyle

Corset French Braid

French braiding on both sides presents a low ponytail and on wrapping it under, you get to secure the cinched look.

Corset French Braid | Corset Braid Hairstyle Trend

Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytails are lately trending, so consider a ponytail in mid-range to appear relaxed. The curls volume gives the personality required.

Ponytail Hairstyle
Ponytail Hairstyle | long ponytail hairstyle

Half Lob

Long curly hair; try the old glamour Hollywood style. Allow your hair to rest on one side.  You can also give half lob by shortening the locks.

Half Lob hairstyles
Half Lob hairstyles | Best Hairstyles ideas

Twisted Maiden Braids

Few bobby pins are required and a little patience to get the twisted braid looks. Offer a finishing touch to suit any occasion by fixing small beads to the natural curls.

Twisted Maiden Braids
Few bobby pins are required and a little patience to get the twisted braid looks.

Cuffed High Ponytail

You can bring all the curls together and put it as high pony and use a metallic bun to secure. This bun looks beautiful and gives a neat look.

Cuffed High Ponytail
Cuffed High Ponytail | Perfect High Ponytail

Ponytail Updo Inside-Out

This updo is easy and starts by stacking three ponytails on top of each other. Adding few pins and folds creates a beautiful hairdo.

Ponytail Updo Inside-Out | Ponytail Updo Inside-Out hairstyle

Low Ponytail Side-Swept

This style of curly hair can be secured with bobby pins and keep it side-swept. It looks intricate and the style does not take more than few seconds.

Low Ponytail Side-Swept | Low Ponytail Side-Swept  Hairstyles

Folded Voluminous Updo

If you have voluminous curly hair, consider an updo by folding the sections artfully and keep the curly hair as easy hairstyle. This suits all the times and you can also show off your pretty face, keeping your hair away from your face.

Folded Voluminous Updo Hairstyles

Ribbons Tied

Maintain the velvet ribbons daintiness and consider a French braid or some half-up style. You can also give a finishing touch in a simple way by tying ribbons in between so that even after dry shampoo, it looks adorable and not spread out.


Wavy Bangs Pin-Up

This is a simple hairstyle with a twisted bang look. It gives you a chance to boost your curly locks. Just wrap it around your finger or gently pin it underneath. This style looks beautiful to suit even occasions.

Wavy Bangs Pin-Up hairstyle | Pin-Up Hairstyles

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