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An Eyelash Brush: Few Amazing Beauty Hacks

An Eyelash Brush Hacks

Used mascara brushes are much more durable than mascara. And here’s how you can put them to use. It can not only give you the eyes of Bambi, the reindeer, but it can also bring beauty and order in the most unexpected places.

Get Rid of Unruly Hair

Apply a small amount of hairspray to a clean brush and gently tuck any stray hairs that have fallen out of the parting.


An Eyelash Brush Hacks

With a little eye shadow, you can get the perfect color for your brows and keep them flat, one at a time.


To remove flaky skin, apply lip balm to a clean brush and gently massage your lips. Using a tissue, blot your lips.

Oil of Castor

Apply castor oil to your lashes overnight to nourish and protect them. In the morning, wash it off. The outcome will be visible in a week!

Remove Cuticles

Allow the cuticle removal oil to soften before gently brushing away the cuticles with this brush. This is the most gentle way to beautify your nails.

The Second Brush Pass

An eyelash brush

A clean brush without mascara is ideal for removing lumps from your lashes without smearing them.

Here are some life hacks too:

In hard-to-reach places, not every toothbrush can reach those confined spaces. However, an eyelash brush will suffice. Of course, you won’t be able to return to your cosmetic bag afterward.

A good-quality brush, such as an expensive mascara brush, benefits your lashes. Wash it in warm water with shampoo until it is clean, dry it, and use it with low-cost mascara.

An Eyelash Brush Few Amazing Beauty Hacks
An Eyelash Brush Few Amazing Beauty Hacks

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