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47 Summer Hairstyles to Make You Feel Cool!

Summer Hairstyles for Women

We enjoy dressing up in the summer. We prefer cute sandals, summer dresses, and sunglasses to scarves and gloves. What about summer hairstyles? We enjoy them as well. With the arrival of warm weather, we’re more likely to look for ways to pull our hair up and away from our faces, and there’s plenty of room to experiment and customize summer updos.

Remember that accessories are your new best friends when enhancing a simple updo. They’re also summery. Slides and clips are great accessories; ribbons around the ponytail can elevate it from everyday to something a little more special.

Here are 47 summer hairstyles that will withstand the heat and humidity while remaining fashionable.

1. A Mid-length Braid

A Mid-length Braid
By: Pinterest

This hairstyle is clean and sleek but also relaxed and straightforward to achieve. Make a mid-length plait or braid it in half, tie a ponytail, and prepare for your weekend plan.

2. Accessorized Pigtails

Accessorized Pigtails
By: Shopify

Ponytails or loose hair can be dressed with rings and accessories for a modern look. Apply some fancy stuff to your pigtails or ponytails. You can also half-braid your hair and let the hair loose.

3. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail
By: The Right Hairstyles

This ladder ponytail appears complicated, but it is simply a few extra rubber bands tied through your hair. This will allow you to feel non-sticky and light during hot days.

4. Feather Bun

Feather Bun
By: Pinterest

Another way to experiment with the spiky bun is to keep the loose ends in one place, like a pretty feather detail. This looks chic and comfortable.

5. Sleek Low Bun

Sleek Low Bun
By: Pinterest

Part your hair in the middle or slick-back smooth and pull it into a low ponytail. Tuck the back part out of the way to give it some height. Add some pearls to it if you are heading for a party on a sunny day.

6. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail
By: Pinterest

Begin with a braid and work your way up to a ponytail. Wrap the excess braid around the scrunchie for a more messy and pretty appearance.

7. Low Crown Braid

Low Crown Braid
By: YouTube

Make a low braid around the nape of your neck like Busy. Use bobby pins to secure it, and spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sun. Make 2-3 rounds if your hair is long.

8. Double Buns

Double Buns
By: Styles At Life

Half up, half down, but with buns spaced out. Ariana Grande often wears this summer hairstyle; you can also try it for a casual or a beach look.

9. Low-rise Messy bun

Low-rise Messy bun
By: Pinterest

Summer exemplifies the low bun messy hairstyle. Tie your long strands into a low messy updo or bun to avoid sweating and disturbance.

10. Headband Braid

Headband Braid
By: The Right Hairstyles

If you have short hair, try this headband hairstyle. Begin by braiding two strands from ear to ear and gathering the loose strands with bobby pins.

11. XXL Bow Accessory

XXL Bow Accessory
By: Pinterest

The larger the bow, the better. For the warmer months, opt for a pastel color. This helps tie your hair and makes you look fresh and appealing.

12. Rope Ponytail

Rope Ponytail
By: Media Self

This sleek twisted ponytail will transform your look in under five minutes. Before making the ponytail, use a styling gel to keep the base smooth and frizz-free. Next, divide the ponytail and begin twisting each section around the other before securing it with a scrunchie or a hair strand.

13. Two Braided buns

Two Braided buns
By: Biolage

Why settle for just one bun? Braid your hair into two halves and bun them up high or low according to your comfort. This would allow you to enjoy summer trips without maintaining your hair all day.

14. Rolled Up, and Tucked-up

Rolled Up, and Tucked-up
By: Pinterest

Roll the ends of your hair under and secure with a few strategically placed bobby pins at the nape of your neck for a retro Hollywood look.

15. French Braids into a Bun

French Braids into a Bun
By: Latest Hairstyles

These braids are fresh and modern, but the braided strands in the front keep them relaxed. This looks fancy as well as comfortable. You can add some accessories too.

16. Relaxed Topknot

Relaxed Topknot
By: The Right Hairstyles

Gather hair into a loose bun at the crown of the head. This bun doesn’t tighten your scalp and feels light and cool while working in that sunny weather.

17. Dutch Braids

Dutch braids
By: Love Hairstyles

The Dutch braids (also known as reverse French braid) employ the same three-strand technique as the Yara braid. Consider this look for a summer party or trip to avoid much sweating.

18. Accessorized Bun

Accessorized Bun
By: Google

Arrange a slew of clips or some floral stuff beneath your bun. Tie a loose messy bun and adorn it; wear it to any occasion without much tension of maintenance.

19. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid
By: Pinterest

Unleash your inner mermaid. This stunning braid may appear complicated, but it is much easier than it appears. This summer, relax the braid using your fingers for a lighter and air-passing hairstyle.

20. Half Down, Half Braided Buns

Half Down, Half Braided Buns
By: Style Craze

We adore this classic and chic hairstyle. Try this option if you have short hair but want to tie your front hair. Braid the front hair into two buns.

21. Curly Updo

Curly Updo
By: Rocio Isabel

Twist your curls into a bun and secure it with U-shaped bobby pins at the top, allowing a few strands to escape at the bottom or lose it to the lower part of your head.

22. Handkerchief Braid

Handkerchief Braid
By: YouTube

Weave a scarf through a regular or twisted braid to make it more interesting. You can try various hairstyles using the same scarf. As shown in the image, don’t hesitate to try the new trend.

23. The Traditional Pony

The Traditional Pony
By: Pinterest

It’s a classic for a reason. Any hair type and length can pull off a high ponytail this season. To achieve Rihanna’s wavy ponytail, take your curling iron and brush the curls into loose swirls.

24. Back-braided Bun

Back-braided Bun
By: Byrdie

Wear your bangs with a braided backward bun to keep them looking modern. Try an inverted braid at the back to the top and tie it in a high bun.

25. Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

Half Up, Half Down Ponytail
By: Love Hairstyles

Celebrities are the ultimate source of summer hairstyle inspiration. The most recent half-up, a half-down ponytail, is ideal for a day in the sun. Tie a ponytail at the top, leaving half of the hair loose.

26. A Sloppy Knot

A Sloppy Knot
By: Hairstyle On Point

Pile the bun high on top of the head and leave a few pieces loose to keep it casual. Let some locks free, as in the above example and be ready to welcome summer.

27. Half-up Bubble Ponytail

Half-up Bubble Ponytail
By: Twist Me Pretty

The bubble ponytail truly is a gift that keeps on giving. Here it is again, demonstrating how even single or two bubbles can take things to the next level. All you have to do is a half-up hairstyle this time.

28. A High Braid

A High Braid
By: Byrdie

Braid a high ponytail to take it to the next level. This version is unique as it’s one of the carefree hairstyles. You can try a chic look for a party or opt for a loose high braid for a messy look.

29. Braided Bangs

Braided Bangs
By: Hairstyles Weekly

Baby braids, unquestionably the summer trend, are simple but add an excellent extra detail to the hair. You can wear them with the rest of your hair down or separate two braids from framing your face while keeping the rest of your hair up.

30. Space Buns

Space Buns
We Heart This

Allow the summer to inspire you to try out space buns. The typical space buns hairstyle is also a good-to-go look for you to try. Tie it high and ready to click the pictures with the sunshine.

31. Fulani Braided Bun

Fulani Braided Bun
By: Pinterest

For the hottest days, gather your Fulani braids into a high bun. You can achieve a unique look by trying various styles of braiding Fulani. Here are our various hairstyle ideas for the same: Fulani Braids Hairstyle Options

32. The Slicked Back High Bun

The Slicked Back High Bun
By: All Things Hair

Why fight the heat when you can use it to your advantage? Use a smoothing cream to comb it into a perfect bun similar to a high ballerina bun. Use gel or hair spray to achieve the look.

33. Knotted Updo

Knotted Updo
By: Fab Mood

This knotted bun is both stylish and casual. Take your smooth hair, and using your hands, twist it to a knot, tying it into a low knotted bun. This hairstyle is one of the easiest.

34. A Half-knot

A Half-knot
By: Hearstapps

A half knot is an excellent way to conceal greasy roots while pulling your hair back and away from your face. Show off your highlighted hair with this or your fresh haircut this summer.

35. Pammy Updo

Pammy's Updo
By: Assets Slice

We’ll take it if it’s good enough for the Baywatch queen. This Updo is simple but sultry, and it can be worn with anything from a glamorous gown and strappy heels to a T-shirt and jeans.

36. The Short Pouf

The Short Pouf
By: Pinterest

This millennial trend, also known as the bumpit, is coming back. Divide your hair into three sections and add more volume to the center section. The hair on the sides is pulled back for an elegant look.

37. Knotted Ponytail

Knotted Ponytail
By: Image ALLW

Cross the bobby pins to make a much more exciting ponytail. Yes, we are talking about a knotted ponytail this time. Make a knot at the lower side of your head into a ponytail and enjoy the ocean waves at the beach.

38. Ponytail With a Side Part

Ponytail With a Side Part
By: Hearstapps

Try this ponytail slicked back like many celebrities for your next vacation. This is not merely a summer hairstyle but will also help you achieve the red-carpet look. Try it now by parting your hair to either side.

39. Low and Short Buns

Low and Short Buns
By: YouTube

As Mandy demonstrates, space buns can be subtle or downright chic, depending on their placement. This time, consider tying them at the low and freeing the front locks for a casual look.

40. Vibrant Double Bubble Braids

Vibrant Double Bubble Braids
By: Fab Mood

For a fun twist, add colorful scrunchies to your bubble ponytails. Make two bubble ponytails if you loved our previous bubble ponytail hairstyle suggestion. The colorful rubber bands will add vibes to your look.

41. Wet-look Effect

Wet-look Effect
By: The Right Hairstyles

This dripping look is a summer must-have. Apply a little gel to the palms of your hands and run your fingers through the roots for the smoothest finish, whether your hair is wet from the pool or you want to combat frizz.

42. Cornrows

By: Hearstapps

Braids have been used to protect natural hair for centuries and are a must-have look for any summer party—another celebrity hairstyle option for you. Cornrows are becoming popular, so why won’t you try them?

43. Medusa’s Ponytail

Medusa's Ponytail
By: Getty Images

This could be *the* summer trend of the year. A multi-braided hairstyle will keep your hair in place when the temperatures rise, whether you do one or two ponytails or add a couple of mini French braids to complete the look.

44. French Twisted

French Twisted
By: Pinterest

French women know a thing or two about beauty, as evidenced by this elegant twist. Consider this hairstyle if you’re attending a summer wedding and want to keep your hair out of your face (especially if you plan to dance on the dance floor).

45. High Puff Ponytail

High Puff Ponytail
By: Vogue

A high ponytail is perfect for showing off your texture this summer if you have curly or short hair. This hairstyle is more defined than a traditional bun and can be fluffed up with an updo to add volume.

46. Box Braids

Box Braids
By: Love Hairstyles

During the summer, a protective hairstyle is essential. You can stop worrying about frizz and enjoy wearing your hair down, or you can experiment with different styles like the image here.

47. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots
By: Byrdie

Frizz, sweat, and flyaway are no match for this multi-knot hairstyle. Regardless of your hair length, experiment with the number of knots you want to wear to the event. It’s also an excellent protective hairstyle for getting shut-eye after a long day at the barbecue.

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