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21 Suitable Women’s Hairstyles for Double Chin and Chubby Face

Chubby Face Hairstyles

Chubby women are more likely to have a double chin, but thin women can also have a round face and protruding skin under their chin. But, we’ll again use the haircut or hairstyle to “hide” that double chin as well as your chubby cheeks. Let’s look at the best haircuts and hairstyles to hide a double chin.

1. A half-bob

Chubby Face Hairstyles

The half bob is a popular haircut, especially in the fall and winter. Ask your hairdresser to cut a finger below the shoulders if you choose a mid-length haircut. Another ruse? Make waves in your medium-length hair. This will help you conceal your double chin even more.

2. Layered Hairstyle

Chubby Face Hairstyles

The layered or feathered haircut has been seen before. It’s a trend for another season because it enhances a woman’s features and allows us to conceal or highlight the best features of our faces. The layered haircut, for example, is excellent for concealing a double chin. Because the layers are cut so that the eye is distracted from the double chin, ensure the layers begin beneath the chin.

3. Long hair to camouflage a double chin?

Chubby Face Hairstyles

Unless we are muses, we may believe that long hair is unsuitable and that cutting it to leave half a mane is the most flattering. That, however, is not the case. Long hair will look beautiful as long as it is cared for, and even chubby women can wear it. If you want to hide a double chin with a long haircut, go for a straight cut and straight hair.

4. Hair with frayed ends

Chubby Face Hairstyles

Another beauty tip for hiding a double chin is to cut the ends of your hair in a tapered cut straight long hair. They will also give your mane movement. And these hairstyles are energizing.

5. Bangs to the side

Chubby Face Hairstyles

If you wear your bangs straight, you’ll only make your features look rounder, emphasizing your double chin even more. Take a cue from Emma Stone and style your bangs to the side.

6. Lob hairstyle

Chubby Face Hairstyles

The lob cut is longer than the classic bob and is ideal for hiding a double chin. Take a cue from Alexa Chung and go for a side-swept fringe to hide jowls while reducing the appearance of too much volume in the hair.

7. Volume Haircuts

Chubby Face Hairstyles

If you want to hide some features, reduce the volume of your hair on the sides and gather it. This technique is ideal for plus-size women because it lengthens the chin area. Short hairstyles for short and plump hair are ideal, with the ends combed past the cheeks. Because this technique allows you to break up the face’s less harmonious roundness, the movement of the hair caused by these cuts will add a new twist to the schoolgirl image.

8. Pixie

Chubby Face Hairstyles

The pixie cut, while daring, is one of the most popular hairstyles for girls with curvy bodies. This hairstyle has more volume on top but not on the sides. Your face appears longer without adding volume to the sides and cheeks. This is a very modern rocker look that emphasizes your eye colour or the shape of your lips.

9. High bun

Chubby Face Hairstyles

A high bun hairstyle is an excellent representation of a good haircut for round-faced chubby girls if you need to go to a party or special occasion. It is made up of a series of pleats that shape the hair, as shown in the image.

10. Mullet

Chubby Face Hairstyles

The mullet hairstyle features a short front and a long back, short bangs, hanging brows, and slightly messy (but strategically placed) hair. This neutral hairstyle combines two hairstyles: long hair for women and short hair for men (if calculated by beauty standards, there is no gender-specific length). It’s a hairstyle that combines opposites to create a functional and fun look, which is why it’s so popular.

11. Layered bangs

Chubby Face Hairstyles

Face shape, believe it or not, isn’t the most crucial factor. You may find your face attractive, and when someone talks to you, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Wow, what a round face”. But guess what? Wrong. You’re only concerned about your face looking round and full because you’re too critical of yourself and want to look like the woman you love, who has a face that meets today’s beauty standards and correctly applies makeup. Layered bangs are another better option to help create your face and look less round. This very comfortable tassel will help you achieve a more appealing appearance, and you will adore it.

12. Curtain bangs

Chubby Face Hairstyles

The bangs are another critical factor to consider when selecting a round-face hairstyle. This is a fundamental issue because the bangs to one side can make your face look “fat”. So keep reading because we’ll give you the keys to finding the best bangs. Another excellent option is to get a haircut with curtain bangs. It is a long curly hairstyle with an open middle that looks great with layered or wavy hairstyles. To have nails on your head, keep your bangs from falling over your brows. You’ll look great and enjoy the outcome.

13. Middle-parted half of a Mane

Chubby Face Hairstyles

You can hide your double chin with a medium-length mane like Miranda Kerr’s. However, choose a hairstyle with a lot of movement and texture. Try the center-parting style which would definetely provide you the look you desire.

14. Chubby girls’ Hollywood hairstyles

Chubby Face Hairstyles

The stars blowout looks excellent on all face shapes. The key to achieving this look is combing the roots straight up and down.

We recommend using an ionic round brush to give the blowout the desired volume.

15. Bob and the Waves

Chubby Face Hairstyles

If you go for inward waves like Rachel McAdams (with the help of a hair dryer and a round brush), you’ll slim the neck and hide the double chin.

16. A half-ponytail with a balloon and waves

Chubby Face Hairstyles

Make the most of your long hair by sporting a retro hairstyle like this half ponytail with a ballooned topknot.

This is one of the hottest retro hairstyles, and it looks even better with waves.

17. Blunt ends

Chubby Face Hairstyles

Blunt ends are an excellent way to make a face appear slimmer (in the words of Doutzen Kroes). In record time, you’ll have the optical effect of fewer jowls.

18. Inwardly Teased

Chubby Face Hairstyles

Margot Robbie wears her hair straight with the ends inwards, an excellent way to stylize the face quickly. A mid-bob with these inwardly teased manes would look flattering on you! Have a look.

19. Straight wet hair

Chubby Face Hairstyles

This is one of the chubby hairstyles that will always be fashionable. Blow dry your hair straight and apply a strong hold gel to achieve this look.

20. Traditional updo

Chubby Face Hairstyles

If you need to go to a party or a special occasion, this vintage updo is an excellent example of a chubby hairstyle.

As you can see, it is made up of a series of pleats that are used to shape the hair. Curling the hair, rather than combing it back, creates volume.

21. Wet neat bun

Chubby Face Hairstyles

Undeniably on-trend, this wet chignon is perfect for going to work or heading to a special gathering.

The trick to doing this hairstyle is to do a deep side part and buy a strong hold gel. Choose a product that allows you to sculpt your hair to create a wet look.

22. Hairstyles for natural curls

Chubby Face Hairstyles

One additional tip hairstyle idea for you. Naturally, curly hair also looks great on round faces. We only recommend cutting your hair in such a way that it is about shoulder length.

This length helps to lengthen the lines of the face, achieving symmetry.

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