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12 Ways to Thicken Your Fine Hair

How To Thicken Fine Hair

A typical beauty wish is for full, voluminous hair. However, adding volume can be a never-ending battle depending on your hair’s natural texture. The key to increase volume and fullness in fine hair is to create the illusion of thicker hair.

You can achieve fuller hair with the right tips, tricks, and hairstyles. Pay attention if you have fine hair that can feel flat and want to add volume.

Simple techniques for making fine hair appear thicker

1) Use the proper shampoo.

Thick hair begins with a volumizing shampoo in the shower. Wash your hair every other day with shampoo for long-lasting body and volume.

2) Use a clarifying shampoo instead.

If you have fine hair, product residue can cause it to become even heavier. Clarifying shampoos are deep cleaners that target residue and buildup. If you use any styling products, a monthly detox treatment with a clarifying shampoo can help restore volume and shine to your hair. The one with sea salt composition is a scalp exfoliator and a super purifying shampoo.

3) Please avoid using the wrong conditioner and only apply it to the ends.

Deep conditioning conditioners should be avoided because they will make your fine hair heavier and straighter. Apply a light conditioner only to the ends of your hair; avoiding the roots will cause your hair to weigh down and stick. The conditioner smoothes hair without weighing it down.

4) Add volume with rollers.

Rollers can be used instead of a blow dryer to add volume to fine hair. They are less damaging to your hair than hotter curling irons or flat irons. Roll the front parts of your hair to give the appearance of thicker hair all over.

5) Use mousse to style your hair.

How To Thicken Fine Hair

Regarding styling products, nothing beats mousse for making fine hair appear thicker. Begin with damp hair for added volume. Spray a golf ball-sized amount into your palm. Run a comb through the mousse to get the product into the bristles. Comb through from the mid-lengths to the ends.

6) Make use of a dry texturizing spray.

A dry texturizing spray for fine hair can solve your delicate hair problems. It gives you a whole, tousled look right away. Lift small sections of your hair and spray the product at the root of each section. Continue this around your head, smoothing and combing your hair with your fingers.

7) Include dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo not only refreshes but also volumizes fine hair. After thoroughly shaking the bottle, spray a small amount of dry shampoo directly into the roots. Allow it to sit for a minute before massaging it with your fingers. Use a cool air blast from a hair dryer to add volume. If you’re concerned about damage or breakage, seal your ends with hair oil.

8) Backcomb your crown hair.

Backcombing is a centuries-old technique for making thicker roots appear. Cut the crown of your hair into 2-inch wide strips. Maintain tautness in each section and comb the bottom section down in three short strokes.

9) Blow dry from the top.

How To Thicken Fine Hair

When blow-drying your hair, direct the airflow under the roots and upwards rather than downwards at the crown of the head.

10) Only use a round brush at the end of the style.

Round brushes are ideal for adding volume to your hairstyle. Turn your head upside down and switch to a round brush after using a regular brush to dry damp hair to about 80%. Use a diffuser on the end of the dryer to separate and lift your locks as you style.

11) Protect your roots.

If your hair is thinning, any visible scalp spots will make your fine hair appear even finer, especially if you’re a brunette. Apply a temporary root concealer to the scalp and roots to give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

12) Styles that make fine hair appear thicker

The first step to adding volume is to get the right haircut. Fine hair can be transformed into a thick, voluminous mane with the proper cut and styling. These are the best options for fine hair in a variety of lengths. These haircuts are intended to make fine hair appear thicker.

Pixie Haircut

How To Thicken Fine Hair

Pixie cuts can make fine hair appear thicker than it is. Use a texturizing serum to give your cut definition without weighing it down, and try one with short layers to add volume.

Angular straight cut

Straight-angled hair looks best with fine, straight hair. This is because this type of hair emphasizes straight lines very well, emphasizing the geometry of the cut. The bob is a timeless hairstyle that is simple to style, keep, and grow.

Bob with chin length

A chin-length bob is flattering on all hair types, including fine hair. Any haircut that has a straight perimeter gives the appearance of thicker hair. A chin-length straight cut is ideal for fine hair because it can be worn straight, sleek, wavy, and tousled.

Shag haircut

How To Thicken Fine Hair

The shag is the best haircut for faking volume if you have fine, curly hair. The long layers and bangs help to give the appearance of fuller hair. Furthermore, a shag cut makes it incredibly simple to achieve perfectly tousled beach waves, making it the ideal low-maintenance cut for making fine hair appear thicker.

How to thicken your fine hair
How to thicken your fine hair

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