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Men’s Dragon Hairstyles: The New Craze

Dragon Hairstyles

In 2023, men’s dragon haircuts will be back in style. What variant is the most popular, how to properly perform this hairstyle, and how to care for it are covered in this article.

How does the dragon haircut look on men?

The dragon haircut features an elongated crown and short temples. Most of the time, it is not even a haircut, but rather the master does a weave from the side of the forehead to the back of the head.

The dragon haircut can be worn in various ways, including braids and dreadlocks. This fantastic hairstyle is ideal for projecting a stylish and memorable image.

Who can pull off the dragon hairstyle?

The dragon haircut has its characteristics; it is not for everyone. Here’s what you should think about first and foremost.

  • The form of the face: The dragon haircut is ideal for men with expressive facial features and a contrasting appearance, such as light skin and dark hair or a tanned face with bright light eyes. There is only one restriction for face shape: round-faced men should avoid such haircuts or do volume braids and a high top.
  • Lifestyle: This hairstyle is trendy among artists, musicians, actors, and hipsters. Athletes prefer this haircut because it is convenient and practical. The dragon haircut is a bold statement about yourself that will not appeal to people who prefer to avoid attention.
  • Age: The dragon haircut is more suited to younger men, but the classic version without weaving as an undercut with a smooth transition to shaved temples will also look good on older men.

The most recent dragon haircut design inspirations

Dragon hairstyles can be very elaborate. Choose your variant based on the shape of your face and your lifestyle. Look at our selection of the most popular and stylish haircuts in 2023 in this technique.

1. Mohawk or Iroquois?

Dragon Hairstyles

On short hair, you can create a small mohawk from which you can quickly grow a mohawk later. On the other hand, the dragonfly will be more comprehensive than a simple mohawk because it is required for the subsequent weaving.

2. Faded quiff or pompadour

Dragon Hairstyles

Because you combine a quiff and a pompadour, both will look in the right place. A fade is a trendy stretch involving a smooth transition from the long part of the parietal to the shaved temples with bare skin.

3. A parting with undercut

Dragon Hairstyles

The undercut is a famous men’s haircut that can be easily transformed into a dragon by styling the hair back. If the length allows, you can also weave over your head!

4. Pigtails on the man bun

Dragon Hairstyles

Braids look great with a top note or man bun. Men with long hair should take note because a fashionable dragon hairstyle does not require parting the length at the temples.

5. Bob for men with braids

Dragon Hairstyles

Braids can be braided along a men’s bob’s hairline or a freckle haircut. This is a popular option that rap singers frequently use. Any master can cope with such a hairstyle and braid. The volume of braids on the crown is the main attraction; the thickest braid is weaved precisely in the center.

How to Cut Dragon Hair: Step-by-Step Instructions

Haircut dragon is tricky for the average person, so we recommend avoiding risk and hiring a professional. However, for you to have a general understanding of the technique, we will show you how it is done.

  1. The master begins by segmenting the hair into zones.
  2. A strand on the crown is chosen, and a control cut is performed. This is the maximum length of the vertex and is used to process the rest of the hair.
  3. The master often uses a machine for a fade or complete temple shaving because it is easier to make a smooth transition.
  4. Finally, the forehead line is processed, and the edging is applied. Please keep in mind that the elongated nape of the neck with a track is no longer fashionable.
  5. The stylist weaves the hair on the resulting haircut: the hair is divided into zones by vertical partings, then the master begins weaving at the forehead, gradually weaving the hair in the direction of the back of the head.

How should the dragon hairstyle be maintained?

The dragon haircut requires little maintenance and is popular due to its practicality. We reveal the primary care guidelines.

  • Clean your hair regularly: The main decoration of the hairstyle is its neatness and lack of excess sebum. Hair that has been braided can and should be washed at least once a week. Compacting men’s shampoo Densit√© from K√©rastase or malt, Redken Brews Daily is recommended for frequent washing.
  • You must maintain a weave or make frequent salon visits if you have a weave.
  • You can shave your temples with a razor or a machine. Redken Brews Shave-Cream will help in the second case because it is suitable for sensitive skin and will not dry the scalp area.
  • When weaving, arm yourself with a special comb on a thin stalk for strand separation. It will make dividing your hair into zones on your head easier.

Dragon Hairstyle Ideas

A dragon haircut can be styled in a variety of ways.

1. One braid in the middle

Dragon Hairstyles

You can achieve this look by dividing your hair into three sections in the center of your forehead, braiding it, and gradually adding strands on both sides. The plait should be finished at the nape of your neck (or higher), where your hair is. Use an elastic band to secure it.

2. Quiff with an upward style and a fade

Dragon Hairstyles

A quiff haircut can complement any face shape. Your oval master will choose the perfect length, and your task will be to make a careless styling or slick back the hair, raising the strands from the roots. Shaving the sides and back of the head perfectly complements this hairstyle.

3. Figured Weave

Dragon Hairstyles

A sophisticated look with various types of braids created from the brow to the parietal area. It is preferable to leave this type of styling to professionals to achieve a stylish image free of flaws.

4. Topknot and braid

Dragon Hairstyles

The dragon hairstyle looks stunning when combined with a crown, vertex bundle, or knot. For example, you can weave a braid with three smaller ones in the center.

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