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Jello Skin: The Anti-aging Korean Skincare Trend

Jello Skincare trend

Jello Skin is the new anti-aging beauty trend from Korea, as seen on TikTok. What exactly is it? What are the skin benefits of it? How can I get it quickly? We will tell you everything that is to know about the Jello Skin.

After the Glass Skin and the Dolphin Skin, it’s the turn of the Jello Skin to make an appearance in the skincare trends emerging from Korea that are exciting beauty enthusiasts worldwide. Here’s how to achieve Jello Skin with an unrivaled glow.

What Exactly is Jello Skin?

Jello skincare Trend

Jello Skin gets its name from Jell-O, a popular colored gelatin in the United States. This skincare trend, imported from Korea, creates bouncy and luminous skin, similar to this jelly, and was popularized on Tik-Tok by the beauty influencer. The latter explains that Jello Skin’s secret is its collagen content, a protein that ensures skin elasticity and tissue regeneration. Because collagen production naturally declines after 30, you must modify your beauty routine to achieve Jello Skin and effectively reduce the effects of skin aging.

Jello skin is a way of life, so let’s get our bounce on!

How Do I Obtain a Jello Skin?

Jello Skincare Trend

To achieve Jello Skin, TikTok influencer Ava has emphasized the importance of a holistic beauty routine, defined by comprehensive beauty care from the inside out.

As a result, she advises eating a healthy diet high in vitamin C-rich foods and adding collagen powder to her morning yogurt to boost collagen production. When it comes to beauty care, using anti-aging cosmetics and applying sunscreen as a daily routine is essential.

Wearing sunscreen is the most important anti-aging gesture in K-beauty (Korean beauty).

Finally, the final secret to glowing and plumped-up Jello Skin is to perform facial massages with or without beauty accessories (Gua Sha, jade rollers) that can drain lymph and toxins from the skin. The result of this Jello Skin beauty routine: luminous, plump, and rejuvenated skin!

Jello skincare trend
The Anti-aging Korean Skincare Trend

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