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How To Wet Wrap Hair

Prevent Tangling While Promoting Healthy Hair Growth with a Proper Wet Wrap Every Night

Wet wrapping is a technique for styling and safeguarding African-American hair. Wrapping involves the state of your head like a giant roller to add volume and shape to your hair. This strategy functions admirably on loose or fixed hair, which can be weak and inclined to breakage. You can get all the provisions for a nice wet wrap at a supply store near you.

To wet wrap your hair, set it up, wrap it, and afterward care for the wrap. Here is a breakdown of these steps and how to do it right avoiding hair breakage;

Step1: Prepping your hair

  • Set some time to wrap your hair. Wrapping can consume a large chunk of the day, so ensure you have sufficient time saved to completely wrap your hair. The specific measure of time spent wrapping relies upon the length of your hair. The entire interaction, including the drying, could require at least three hours.
  • Wash and condition your hair as typical. Utilize the sort of cleanser and conditioner you use consistently. Follow a similar everyday practice as you ordinarily would when you wash and condition your hair. Try not to involve a leave-in conditioner
  • Towel your hair. Don’t completely dry your hair. Your hair should be wet when you wrap it. All things being equal, tenderly eliminate the overabundance of water from your hair by pressing it with a towel. You can likewise utilize your hands to eliminate the overabundance of water
  • Apply setting cream. Setting cream is utilized to assist your hair with remaining ready as it is wrapped and when it is wrapped. Utilize a liberal measure of setting lotion and back rub it through your hair from root to tip. Any kind of setting moisturizer will function however long as the name expresses that it is intended for styling and saturating/molding

Step 2: Wrapping your hair

  • Clear your hair in a clockwise heading. You can likewise decide to clear it counterclockwise rather than clockwise. Utilize your hands to coordinate your hair. Brush your hair in a round movement away from the part. Smooth your hair down around your head and keep wrapping until you have straightened all the hair around your head.
  • You can apply a modest quantity of styling salve to assist with coordinating your hair during the wrapping system
  • Using a brush secure loose end. You might experience difficulty holding the finishes down while you’re utilizing your hands to wrap your hair. Utilize a plastic styling instrument when you have gotten done with wrapping to assist with holding the closures down. Brush to complete smoothing your hair around your head until all closures are set up.
  • Plastic styling brushes can be found in all things considered excellent supply shops.
  • Clip your hair into place. Use hairpins to hold the hair set up. Any kind of fastener will do. You can utilize a few small ones or a few bigger ones,
  • Sit under a hooded hairdryer. You should sit under a hooded hairdryer. Beauty shops have hooded hair dryers; however, you can likewise put resources into a folding hairdryer. Turn the dryer to medium and sit under it until your hair is dry.
  • You might need to actually take a look at your hair a couple of times. In the event that you don’t have a hood dryer, utilize a hand-held dryer with a dryer cap.
  • To utilize a hand-held dryer, set it on the most noteworthy hotness setting and blow-dry over the sum of the cap. It might require a few hours to completely dry your hair.

Step 3: Caring for the wrapping style

  • Redo the wrapping. You should wrap your hair on a daily premise to keep up with a similar hairdo. Redo the most common way of wrapping that you at first did. It should be more straightforward and less tedious since your hair has been detangled and straightened.
  • Rehashing the wrapping on a daily premise may not be important assuming your hair remains straight for quite some time. On the off chance that your hair stays as you want, you may just have to wrap it one time per week.
  • Clasp or tie the wrap into place. Whenever you have wrapped up wrapping your hair, clasp or tie your hair into a spot and rest in it. You can utilize similar hair clips you utilized at first, yet it very well might be awkward to lay down with cuts in your hair. A superior choice is to utilize a hair wrap or scarf to safeguard your hair.
  • Assign a hair wrap or scarf to use around evening time as opposed to utilizing a decent one that you would wear with outfits during the day.
  • Style in the first part of the day. Your clips as well as hair wrap ought to have remained set up over the course of the evening. Eliminate the clips or hair band by the morning. Brush your hair out and style it as usual.

How to Wrap Hair Without Breakage

Appropriate wrapping shields your hair from breakage, and can likewise hold in dampness. All required items for a perfect wrap are accessible at pharmacies, beauty supply stores, or online retailers. To avoid breakages, do;

  • Apply a saturating styling cream to your hair while it’s dry. Utilize a light cream assuming that your hair is flimsy or slick, and a thicker lotion on the off chance that your hair is dry. Start at the roots and work the cream to the closures of your hair. Rub your scalp.
  • Utilize a wide-toothed brush to part your hair on one side. Brush your hair delicately. Unravel any bunches by beginning toward the finish of the bunch and working back to the roots. Try not to attempt to search over the bunch. Then, at that point, search over the hair after you have unwound the bunch.
  • Utilize your hands to clear your hair around your head toward the biggest segment. For instance, assuming your hair is separated on the right, clear to the left and around your head until all of your hair is folded over your head.
  • Smooth your hair around the forms of your head with a wide-seethed plastic styling brush. Join any stray strands.
  • Overlap the silk scarf into a triangle. Place the long edge of the triangle on top of your head with the middle point hanging down toward the rear.

Cross the side finishes of the scarf behind your head and over the middle point. Pull the side focuses up the sides of your head and get them over the highest point of your head; secure the closures by tying or with a clip.

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