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How to Treat Your Chapped Lips?

Treat Your Chapped Lips

Taking proper care of cracked lips is critical to avoid them joining the golden autumn season. Here are five tips for dealing with dry lips and preventing chapped lips. And “always smearing balm on your lips” isn’t one of them!

1) Avoid biting or licking your lips.

It appears that licking your lips will help keep them moisturized. But the cold wind will do the trick, and those moist lips will become chapped instantly. Instead of hydrated, soft lips, the result is dry, flaky, and even chapped lips.

2) Before you brush your teeth, protect your lips.

Treat Your Chapped Lips

Ingredients in toothpaste can dry out the delicate skin on your lips. If your lips are prone to dryness and irritation, apply a layer of balm before brushing your teeth.

3) Stop putting pencils, pens, hairpins, and paper clips in your mouth.

If you have microcracks on your lips, you are vulnerable to infection. It’s also bad for your teeth.

4) Examine for dehydration.

Dry lips could be the first sign of not getting enough fluids. Stay hydrated even in the autumn and winter seasons.

5) Give up on hygienic lipstick.

Treat Your Chapped Lips

It may seem counterintuitive, but makeup artists say a growth layer of hygienic lipstick on your lips causes more harm than good. Many “hygienics” and lip balms contain irritating ingredients such as menthol, pepper, camphor, and strong perfumes. They trap you in a vicious cycle of constantly renewing the protective layer on your lips: a layer that keeps out moisture, which is sorely lacking in harsh winds. On the other hand, they caution against abruptly discontinuing your usual products in the middle of autumn. It’s best to gradually phase them out and save a moisturizer and caregiver, such as Medical cream, for when the weather turns cold, or the wind picks up.

How to Treat Your Chapped Lips ?
How to Treat Your Chapped Lips ?

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