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How to Make False Eyelashes Look Completely Natural


Nothing worse can happen that a thick band of eye lashes appearing from your lash line. People get to know that you are wearing false eye lashes. To make false eyelashes look natural, you should pick up the lashes that have a very clear or a kind of invisible band and the one that blend easily with your natural lashes.


Check out some of the steps that will make your false lashes look natural.

Step 1:-  If you are trying the strip lashes which are too hard to apply or in case they look completely fake on your eyes, then you can go for the single or the trio eye lashes. Single lashes are very small and they can easily twist out of place when the glue is wet. Trio lashes are easy to apply and they lay flat along the real lashes.


Step 2:- People assume that it is the clear glue which will hide their false lashes. But this is not really true as the clear glue exposes the false lashes easily as they leave a white cast behind the accentuated glue clumps. Try out the dark glue as it will not be leaving any white residue and completely amplifies your look and make false eyelashes look natural.


Step 3:- Always be sure that you apply the false lashes on the actual lashes and never apply it on to the eye lids. If you will glue the falsies on to your eye lids, then there will be empty space that will be left behind the real and the false lashes.


Step 4:- It is up to you whether you want to apply mascara before or after applying the false lashes. For strip lashes, you can apply mascara after putting the falsies as it blends well and impart natural look. For single or trio one you can put mascara first to find out whether you need a little more oomph and then you can put on your false eye lashes.


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