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GYM Closures and Lockdowns Should Not Hamper Your Fitness Journey – Here Is How You Can Manage IT

GYM Closures and Lockdowns Should Not Hamper Your Fitness Journey

Success in life comes only when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong, that obstacles, failures, and loss only act as motivation. Thus, when your goals are clear, gym closures, lockdowns, curfews, can act only as a motivation factor or as a test of your mental stability. Here are some amazing ways through which you can stay consistent in your fitness journey amidst the unexpected lockdowns.

Indoor Walking:

Walking doesn’t necessarily mean that you should visit a park nearby, or should step out to perform it. There are various indoor walking videos on youtube that include minor variations and can burn you the same amount of calories you would during an outdoor walk. Or else, the best way to include walking during a lockdown is to make the optimum use of your terrace. Researchers have found that there are both physical and mental benefits of 8-walking. Do check it out.

Indoor Walking


Lifestyle Trainers:

Every one of us would have witnessed our favourite celebrities continuing their workout in a garden, terrace, or their homes with a laptop aside. Most of them have hired an online fitness coach or their lifestyle coaches come online to keep their motivation levels high. Apart from designing a workout schedule for you, these lifestyle trainers also give you a customized meal plan, sleep time, and almost sculpt every aspect of your lifestyle to make you a better person. No matter how passionate you are about your goals, you might need external motivation to stay consistent in the form of a trainer. They take accountability for your mental and physical health online, especially through platforms like zoom, and several applications. Get a membership, hire the best trainer out there, and you are good to go!

A good quality Yoga Mat:

There is no hard rule that you must perform only yoga with a yoga mat. You can do various exercises like push-ups, crunches, plank, squats, and various other workouts and variations. Probably, one yoga mat can become your best friend during this lockdown. So, if you still don’t have one, plan to get an affordable high-quality yoga mat online. That will motivate you to stick to your workout regime.

Online Fitness Programmes:

There are both paid and non-paid online fitness programs for yoga, cardio, zumba, and many other workout styles. You can enroll yourself in one of these programs, get a community to work out with, and that itself acts as a motivation for you. If you cannot make decisions based on the promotional activities, try checking out their Instagram handles, testimonials, feedback from previous clients, a trial session, and then join it.

Slow and Steady:

If you watch a 1-hour youtube video with a professional working out and start following that, it is obvious that you will lose motivation someday and quit. You must start slow, set realistic goals, break them down into milestones, and systematically achieve them. The ultimate goal is to stay fit and you must be active for the whole day. So, get personalized plans that suit your work and personal life. Nothing is worth it if it puts you down mentally. Have a strategic approach to your weight loss/fitness journey, and stay away from rapid result-oriented programs.

Free Weights:


You might come across several budget-friendly workout equipments like resistance bands, free weights, kettlebells, dumbbells, a jumping rope, a gym rope, etc. You can purchase any of them and consider it as a one-time investment that can be used life-long even for future generations. The above-mentioned equipment cost from 100 bucks to a thousand bucks. Depending upon your goals, buy the necessary equipment and train accordingly. You can even buy free weights and get more benefits than a machine workout.

The Bottom Line:


In order to stick throughout your fitness journey, the first and foremost step you will have to take is to have only realistic goals. Don’t compare day 100 of someone’s journey with day 1 of your journey. Good things take time but you must gather your guts to initiate. Get your brain fed with more fitness knowledge, and that will automatically tune you to get your workout started. You become what you consume. So, consume right both, in terms of intellectual and physical inputs. If nothing works, get external motivation such as an online fitness coach or online fitness programs.

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