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GHD Platinum Vs Gold Flat Iron – Choose The Best One

GHD Platinum Vs Gold Flat Iron

Are you looking for the best machine for straightening and styling your hair? Or searching for the greatest way to make your hair shine? Great, our company has the best products for you. GHD platinum and Gold Flat Iron both are high-quality straighteners. Nonetheless, the technique is in platinum and also a little more advanced than the flat gold iron.

GHD platinum offers the best hair straightening machines made of the new techniques and the best features and colors. GHD platinum and flat gold iron are manufactured by a company, namely Good Hair Day(GHD).

In this composition, we are going to help you choose the best machine suitable for your needs.

GHD PlatinumGold Flat Iron
GHD PlatinumGold Flat Iron
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GHD platinum enables you to straighten, curl, and add waves to your mane with ease since it is a snag-free design.The gold flat iron rounded body enables you to easily create hair curls and waves.
Without causing any damage to your hair, it maintains steady heat. It has a digital temperature control of up to 450°F with auto shut off and 110V.
GHD platinum enables automatic heat adjustment based on the hair thickness and your use of predictive technology.Flat ion helps your hairstyle stay healthy and hydrated through the Bio Ionic moisturizing heat.
The wishbone design on the hinge allows you to maneuver it in creating curls or straighten your strands. Ensures consistent heat from the root tip and heats up quickly through the 24K gold coated ceramic plate.
Helps in fast styling and drying time.
Maintains contains temperatures.
Has a warranty of 3 years.
Has a resistant plate guard.
GHD platinum is easy to use.
For a hair straightening machine, it’s too expensive.When overheated, gold flat iron becomes too hot to safely use on the hair and safely handle.
Platinum is very different as compared to other GHD older models.The flat iron is too large for some hand sizes.
The machine does not work well on very curly hair.The curls turn out too large.


GHD platinum is a hair straightener with groundbreaking ultra zone technology that predicts your hair’s importance as you style for a flawless finish. Platinum thickens your hair and adds the styling speed, adjusting heat all through the floating plates as you style for the best results in just one stroke.

GHD platinum has an optimum styling temperature of 180°, which protects your hair’s integrity without compromising the style. GHD delivers a personalized hair experience through the infinity sensors to monitor the heat of 250 times a second through the high gloss plate.

GHD Platinum

GHD platinum has a rounded barrel, which is the best for creating a myriad of styles from loose waves to flawless straight. Platinum also has a unique wishbone hinge which holds the precision-milled plate in good alignment for easy use and snags freestyling. GHD has a 3-year warranty, which includes labor and parts. If the product fails to satisfy your needs or fails to function, it can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.

GHD platinum is perfectly designed, and this makes many buyers be tempted to buy it. Most people prefer GHD platinum because it’s one of the best machines for straightening and curling hair.


The flat gold iron is a hair straightening. The flat iron has a non-stick Tri-Diamond ceramic, which ensures no pulling of the hair, healthy-looking hair, no product build-up, and 120000perfect passes for shinier. Gold flat iron carries various heating settings between 250°-450°F, making it an ideal styling tool for all hair types regardless of how coarse, stubborn, or curly your hair locks are.

Gold Flat Iron

Gold flat iron provides ultimate damage to free performance while delivering quality results. This Is due to the Tourmaline technology with a diamond glitter coating with all the benefits of Teflon with toxic emissions.

The classic convertible inspires flat iron with advanced technology and a broader temperature range suitable for all hair types. The machine has an even distribution of perfect one-pass styling. It’s designed with innovative Tri-Diamond ceramic for healthier hair.



GHD platinum mainly works in giving a better thickness of the hair and style speeding. Platinum has groundbreaking ultra zone technology, which helps in styling your hair. Gold platinum works at an optimum of 250 times a second through the high gloss plates to give a personalized styling experience.

GHD Platinum

GHD has a rounded barrel of platinum, which creates many styles from curls to flawless straight. Platinum is thoughtfully made with an awesome design and look that is attractive to the clients.


Gold flat ironwork is best for straightening the hair. The flat iron has a ceramic plate that glides smoothly through the hair and helps prevent hair damage and lock in your gorgeous style.

Gold Flat Iron

The flat iron has a 400°F high heat, and 30 seconds heat up, getting you styled in no time. With the high and low settings, you can easily find and the best heat for your hair. Each flat iron has an attractive exclusive design.



GHD is typically used for straightening hair. GHD platinum not only style your hair, but it is also used to dry strands simultaneously.

GHD is made from titanium, which tends to heat quickly, helping to fight frizz because of the number of negative ions it produces. The machine comes in different sizes. The narrow plates are ideal for short hair, while thick plates are suitable for wavy, thick, and long strands. GHD platinum comes with a universal voltage, which helps avoid difficulties using the machine anywhere you go.

GHD Platinum

GHD platinum has a long swivel cord, which helps measure up to 9 feet, helping reduce the tangled cord. After every half an hour of no use, the machine goes into sleep mode, reducing accidents resulting from forgetting.


The gold flat is designed to operate at an optimum styling temperature. Its smooth gold plate glid makes straightening of all hair types and length faster and easier, while its contoured edges help create beat curls and waves, enabling versatile styling results and enhanced shine.

The flat iron has an ionic mineral complex that generates negative ions infusing moisture into the hair, making it shine and reduce frizz. It also has an advanced technology that provides fast heating, even distribution of one-pass styling, and instant recovery. Flat iron also provides air pressure used in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The red light remains solid and then continuously blinks once it reaches its desired heat.


GHD Platinum lacks the ultra-zone technology and the predictive features of its stablemate. Instead, it comes with dual-zone sensors which help in maintaining even temperatures.

The flat gold iron has dual-zone sensors monitor heat that ensures 365°F optimal styling temperature to minimize hair damage and breakage of the hair.


Both GHD platinum and flat gold iron works better in the straightening and drying of the hair. Overall, there is no much difference between the two. A flat gold iron will do a great job, in my opinion, because the platinum may have unnecessary extra expenses and may also overkill the hair.

GHD platinum hair straightener offers a ceramic plate that helps in finishing work easily and fast. Both hair straighteners offer the same heating up settings. Both platinum and flat iron offer a warranty of 2 years, with the best customer care facility. Both machines are the best. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide which product suits you.