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Dyson Supersonic Vs Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer: Choose The Best One

Dyson Supersonic Vs Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer

Supersonic and buttercup are the best equipment to make you look beautiful. They are easy to use for anyone without going for practice. When using them, you need to be careful. Both of them require electronics to start using. Anyone who looks beautiful must have visited near a hairdryer or uses his own.

A good dryer depends on the quality of the machine. Dryer help to boast and heat damage protection when using. This dryer provides the best quality service to the customers. Everyone loves to get well service; that is why we spent a lot of time developing reviews.

Dyson is the best company that is known for producing quality items. Before purchasing a product online, it is important to distinguish it from the rest. When you compare both dryers, you will able to get the best one overall.

This article makes the work easy by distinguishing DYSON Supersonic Vs DRYBAR Buttercup Hair Dryer below.

DYSON SupersonicDrybar Buttercup Hair Dryer
Dyson SupersonicDrybar Buttercup Hair Dryer
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It is easy to hold, making it a comfortable drying experience.Best for drying hair quickly
Lightweight and easy to useIt even distributes heat
Protects your hear; you can set the speed you want to useIt allows uniform distribution of the heat
Silent and does not create noise.It is lightweight and designed for professional for all-day use.
Bonus: When you purchase through, you will get a free tool to use and other bonusesIt keeps your hair healthy.
The non-tangle cord is designed to prevent tangle.It increases the hair shinning
Heat protection, the attachment of the dryer surface does not overheat when using.It has a powerful motor
The setting, it comes with three settings that you can use to reduce or increase heat.
Very expensive due to the quality usedIt weights the other side
The power cord is heavy.It makes a loud sound, which is annoying.
Attachment: some of the women who have used it before complain about the magnetic attachment. It falls off.
Not best to travel with it. It bulky

Dyson Supersonic Reviews

The technology used in the supersonic is innovative as it looks good. The technology of the machine gives out a powerful air stream. It is designed to make your hair look shiny. Supersonic overall performs the same function as the DRYBAR Buttercup hairdryer. It uses a smaller motor to make the entire hairdryer easier to manage as you compare to traditional hair dryers.

When you are late for your job, and the hair looks shaggy, the best hair dryer to try is Dyson supersonic. It makes work faster, and your hair will look perfect after the job is done. You can now go where you want to go looking smart. It is easy to use when you are in a hurry.

Dyson Supersonic

The LCD of the Dyson is clear, and when it comes to features. You will love how it. It also has a T shape with a smooth finish. It is comfortable when using it. DYSON Supersonic has a wattage of only 1600w. You can give it a try.

The handle does not have a vibrate when you are using it to comb your hair. It comes with a nice nine long cord and does make noise.

Dyson has been our favorite to use since it was brought in 2016 up to now still doing well. It has an airflow of 70 mph and keeps the range for up to 150 degrees Celcius. The device is easy to add and remove the mid-blowout.

Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer Reviews

Drybar is used for the nano ionic technology. The dryer has nanobeads, which have nano beads. With ionic technology, it seals the cuticles for reducing the frizz while drying. When it comes to the size, features, and prize, they are many things to consider. With a variety of the hairdryer around you, you need to be careful when choosing the one to use in your home or salon.

This dryer has a ton of control over the airflow, and you can focus on the section of the hair to achieve the shinning of your hair. It features a professional length of nine-foot cord. You need to concentrate on nozzle customization.

The buttercup settings are used to shave off a few minutes and gain more of the extra alarm snooze. It is based on the process of allowing the creation of the negatives ions. When it comes to drying your hair and being in a hurry, you can consider the one. It functions well and shines your hair to look attractive and beautiful.

Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer

The presence of an ion helps to break the water molecules. Therefore, your hair will get dry off faster. The dryer’s manufacture said that it could use 20% off drying your hair, which is better for women who rush to the job late hours. If you have such a dryer, you can do your work faster.

The good thing with DRYBAR Buttercup Hair Dryer it locks the moisture in the hair. You will likely get a smooth hairstyle. It lasts for longer, and the hair does not become brittle easily. If you blow-dry hair regularly, then you need to take advantage of having this type of dryer.


Dyson Supersonic Design

It is designed smartly to make your work easy when you are drying. It is lightweight and easy to hold. The bottom of the handle is a filter to make it easy to work with. It can straighten your hair without causing damage to your phone. Some sections without the use of the cloth can get into the function of the vent.

You will get to use it round and curved with the grip that grows for the finger that you can hold it perfectly. The dryer’s hand changes the temperature of your airflow on the hand for the hairstyle to return normal.

Dyson Supersonic

When it comes to setting, the supersonic comes with three speeds, which are: low, medium, and high. The temperature is an option to include the cold set of the hairstyling. It has three magnetic fields designed to attach the style of different types, including the smoothing of the snooze for the hair. It works better for creating a beautiful wave of your hair.

Dyson Supersonic Styler

It maintains the style and looks amazing. Because the product comes with three settings, the styling concentrate on the diffuses. You can smooth your hair easily with the use of supersonic. It can help you to return the shine for a long period looking shines. The styling of the brush impressed the result of your hair for longer. It makes your hair look healthy.

Dyson Supersonic Straightener

It’s attached with a smooth nozzle. It comes with motor produces inaudible of the frequency meaning of the design for the competition. The capacity of the cordless is heavier compare to the Buttercup dryer. The curly is incredible for diffusing the hair as you need to look. After your hair is straighter, you need to get the perfect lining of the hair. The heat flow is extremely powerful for making an effective dryer for more than 13 years.


Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer Designer

Buttercup is designed with the use of nano ionic technology. It has beads, which comes it 32 different minerals you can expect for the nozzle of your dryer. The dryer has three settings and two speeds that are included. It used to emit negative of the ionic for reducing static and fizz. You can use it to blow millions of the negative ionic of the hair that sealed.

Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer

Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer styler

The product Drybar is used to offer the blow of the drying service. It is convenient enough to be used in the household. The dryer’s size is one of the agile to handle the whole head, including bangs. It is quite heavy to hold the length of the dryer seasons.

The settings of the dryer lock automatically and stop blasting cool air. The button of the buttercup lock setting is continuous to cool your hair.


DYSON Supersonic offers a range of the price you can choose from the list provided. Supersonic offers you a warranty of two years. This increases the supersonic value and many more. It has a high tech feature that is powerful for the digital motor of V9. The technology is used for faster and more. This has the meaning for finding the temperature of more than 40 times a second. This device has a different noise it produces. You can expect a good look of your hair. You do not need to struggle with hair when you have a supersonic with such features.

Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer

Different hair textures react to heat temperature. If you want to stand, the hand thicker of the dryer makes your hair shine. It has three temperature settings you can use for your hair. The heat is flexible enough to be used with people of different hair types. The range makes it flexible for the attachment of your hair. The problem of the buttercup did not come with a diffuser.

Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer

The buttercup has three temperatures. You can use them. The features are cool, which allows the hairdryer to cool air and help for the hairstyle. The exterior of the dryer is made of plastic. The settings continue to cool the hairstyle of your choice.  Its length cord means you can use it easily. You can go around as you blow-dry your hair.


Dyson supersonic is top of the list when it comes to the beauty industry. However, supersonic is expensive if you compare it to the Drybar. With a lower budget, you can go for the Drybar.

Going through the DYSON Supersonic Vs. DRYBAR, you realize that all three performs significantly. However, Dry supersonic hairdryer is one of the best on this list. We recommend it as a toy because it is affordable and easy to use.

But the difference between both dryers is? DYSON Supersonic used to protect the hair from extreme heat damage and faster drying. DRYBAR Buttercup provides shiny blowout in less frizz of 20% time used for professional. Those dryers help to keep your hair healthy and strong all-time the when drying with them.

Each of the dryers come with different features. If you are need of best dryer and have a lot of money to spend, go for the DYSON Supersonic hairdryer. If you need experience, you can try DRYBAR Buttercup Hair Dryer.

You can select the dryer depending on your factors. Both of the above products offer you great service. They came with a warranty of two years, and you need to be careful. You can also limit the budget looking for the affordable dryer in the market; Dyson’s supersonic still becomes number one. I hope this review helps you to understands the two dryers available in the market.