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Dad Sneakers Latest Rage

Dad Sneakers Trend | Dad Sneakers Latest Rage | Dad Sneakers

A pair of sneakers always adds to the style, but what if it reminds you of what your dad wore in the 90s. This unique trend has been picking up fast with actresses flaunting a pair with utmost proud. Celebrities like Laura Harrier and Bella Hadid have been sporting “Dad” sneakers on every possible occasion. Planning to buy a cool pair? Let’s have a quick glance at this fast catching up trend among celebrities.

Kendall Jenner

Fashion model Kendall Jenner was spotted at an event sporting a white pair of Dad sneakers with a Bec & Bridge polka-dot dress. She looked absolutely ravishing.Dad Sneaker Trend Kendall Jenner



Bella Hadid

Bella trusted this old school Dad sneaker look with a pair of Nike tennis sneakers. She matched it up with a blue, red and white colored striped tracksuit. The combo imparted a cute yet trendy look to this beautiful model.Dad Sneaker Trend Bella Hadid


Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin looked every bit of an angel in a pair of Dad sneakers teamed with Adidas spandex shorts and striped turtleneck. Aviator shades added more grace to the entire look.Dad Sneaker Trend Hailey Baldwin

Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber’s Airport look is worth mentioning as she sported a pair of Dad sneakers with high-waisted pants. However the x-factor was added by black moto jacket. Kaia Gerber dad sneakers fashion

Gigi Hadid

The famous model nailed it with her old school Reebok kicks. Tommy Hilfiger High-waisted black jeans along with Rebecca Mink off red monogrammed sweater looked elegant.


This strange trend has been luring top celebrities across the World by adding to their style in a more “comfortable manner indeed. Yes, Dad sneakers combine comfort and style in a unique manner. Above mentioned examples clearly show how much these “Dad style sneakers” are being adored by top celebrities. It keeps on reminding of your Dad provides the same comfort and that perhaps is one of the reasons why these sneakers from old world are still in demand while adding to the style statement.

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