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Best Zodiac Tattoo Design Ideas

Zodiac Tattoo

Zodiac tattoo is not meant for all, but who believes in astrology and traits of it. Zodiac tattoo may get popular these days only, but the practice of astrology started very early days when humans virtually connect the stars. They form constellations and named individuals. And a zodiac sign is nothing but a unique constellation, star sign.

It is believed that our whole life is controlled by the star’s influence. According to astrology, there are 12-star signs distributed from January to December.  And we all fall under one of these star’s traits by our birth date. The position and genre of these stars influence our actions, specifically our characters. All the star signs are categorized into 4 elements- Earth, Water, Air, & Fire. Earth signs are grounded in nature as they sound. They are very loyal to their close people. People from water signs are very emotional but famous for their intuitions. Most of the time, they come outright. Air signs are very adventurous and can give you fresh air to move on. And the signs of fire; they are passionate and temperamental, can be either comfortable or vulnerable.

A zodiac tattoo can tell a lot about you. Here are the overviews of all star-signs to understand better for you.


1. Aries Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

Aries is a symbol of ram face with the horn. In Roman and Greek culture, Ram is God of war. People born in this time zone are very energetic, enthusiastic, and adventurous. They are also very confident in their way and can be a good companion. But mishandling an Aries can turn them into selfish, impulsive, or short-tempered. You can always layer up the tattoo by adding various props like a relevant constellation or ruler planet Mars. You can wear them symbolically also.


2. Taurus Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

The second symbol of star-sign is Taurus, the bull. Taurus people are very stubborn just like a bull. They are warm-hearted but can’t avoid jealousy or possessiveness. They are also very fond of luxury, can say materialistic, but in the end, they make good friends. Taurus is ruled by Venus. A symbolic tiny Taurus tattoo perfectly fits on your finger. Girls love to wear this simple & sophisticated tattoo. The color symbol of Taurus, surprisingly pink, also goes with girls.


3. Gemini Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

One of the most intelligent sign is Gemini. People of Gemini are very attractive and romantic. But they own sometimes a dual characteristic just like its symbol of two girls. They are versatile, communicative, and full of life but at the same time gets tensed quickly. Apart from the girls, the graphical representation of the Gemini tattoo looks attractive. The ruler of Gemini is mercury. You can add pop-up color green which is associated with it. A small size tattoo gets fit easily on the neck or wrist.


4. Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

Though the color of Cancer, the crab, is silver as the ruler is the moon, but green or torque blue resembles with marine life. Cancer people are very much emotional. Caring, protective, and loving towards their family and friends. But never lie to cancer, they are highly intuitive. Mood swing is just a natural case for any cancer parson, and struggle to let go past. You may get inked with artistic crab or just a graphical symbol ’69’. Layer up with color and props to deeper meaning.


5. Leo Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

5th one is one of the most extrovert signs among all. The symbol of Leo is the lion, the king. They are dominant and born-leader with their loving and faithful nature. But sometimes it can be irritating because of over-interfering. They are very creative and broadminded to accept new things. The ruler sign of Leo is ‘sun’. You can add sparkling yellow in your tattoo to make it attractive. Graphical representation looks good also. A medium-size tattoo perfectly fits on the inner arm.


6. Virgo Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

Virgo people own such a great personality. The symbol of Virgo is the face of a lady. People get close to them easily due to their calm, composed, shy yet charming nature. They have the capability to analyze things practically. But, sometimes they cross the line and become overprotective, overcritical in search of perfection. Virgo is the only sign featuring a human face and ruled by Mercury. The associate color is brown or green. This is the most fascinating zodiac sign to get a tattoo.


7. Libra Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

Libra means balance. People under the trait of Libra know how to keep balance in their life. It is a little difficult to understand them. They are by nature romantic person, easygoing, or sometimes flirtatious. The ruler of Libra is Venus and color yellowing white. Furnish your tattoo with respective stars and ornamentation to grab attention. Adding color can make it unique. No wonder, Libra is the most desirable zodiac sign. You can flaunt a small to medium size tattoo on your neck, leg, shoulder, or arm.


8. Scorpio Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

Scorpions, ruled by Pluto, are known for their determinations. They are passionate and highly intuitive. Though they are quite loyal people often misunderstand them for their tendency of jealousy, obsessive nature. They like to keep things secret. Men prefer to show off their sexuality by a dark scorpion. Women layer up the tattoo with rose to convey their deep love to her partner. If you hesitate to get a Scorpio tattoo because of their creepy structure, choose a symbolic tattoo.


9. Sagittarius Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

Most optimistic people fall under Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. The symbol of Sagittarius is half of the human and half horse. Mythologically, it is called centaur that intellectually connects the earth and heaven. They love freedom, to find their space they often become irresponsible, restless, and careless. Otherwise, they are straightforward, ad.venturous, and hold adaptability to enjoy life. It is also represented by an archer. Fine dots of concerned constellation add sparks in this adorable dark grey colored Sagittarius tattoo.


10. Capricorn Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

People of Capricorn get identified by their disciplined and humorous nature. Capricorn is symbolized by sea-goat. The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. The character of Capricorn is very unique. Capricorn always spread positive vibes around them. They are ambitious, and reserved, get offended if you cross their space. When the symbol associated with heart it signifies the fierceness. A small size tattoo can fit on your arm, shoulder, neck, feet, or back of the palm.


11. Aquarius Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

Aquarius is symbolized with a water carrier. They are friendly and independent. Despite being loyal and smart, their personality gets weaken for their perversity. Just like the ruler of their trait Uranus, they are innovative, often come with unusual fashion sense and bizarre ideas. The graphical symbol of Aquarius is the most simple one, and it looks very sophisticated when inked. The idea of placing a tattoo on the back of the ear, itself portrays their personality.


12. Pisces Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo

The last one of the list is Pisces, which means fish. The sign contains a pair of fishes and ruled by Neptune. Pisces are very sensitive, sympathetic, love to imagine, and fond of compassion. They also like to keep secrets. Lack of will power makes them escapist. Red and bluefish tattoo emphasize the good and bad of one person. Artist encrypted the set of the constellation that makes the tattoo attractive and unique.

Zodiac sign is for all. If you want to convey your nature to others without expense a word, then choose any art form to illustrate the best of you with your star sign.

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