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Best Eye Makeup Tips

It is said that eyes are the door to one’s soul. In fashion and beauty world, however, these are the first feature to get anybody’s attention. So, enhancing them can create an impression that is sure to last for forever and beyond. The most popular way of enhancing eyes is applying kohl. But, if you are deeper into the beauty and looks, then you will love spending more time on your eye makeup.

To begin with, here are some of the eye makeup tips that you can follow to get dreamy eyes faster and easier.

Best eye makeup tips worth following

best eye makeup tips

Doing makeup can be easy for some, but keeping it intact for intended period is definitely a challenge for one and all. So, here are a few tips you can follow while doing eye makeup:

  1. Start with an eye primer: Use eye primer to start the makeup. The idea is to provide a proper base for the colors or eye shadows so that these stick to the skin for long. Alternative to eye primer can be a concealer or a regular foundation.
  2. Select the four basic shades: Basic eye makeup starts by highlighting various areas of and around the eye. It also involved concealing the flaws of the eye portion, like dark circles. It can be done using four shades – i. a shade lighter than the skin tone becomes your highlighter, ii. A shade for contours which is 2-3 shade darker than the skin tone, iii. Mid-tone shade of matte type, iv. A pure black matte style shade. You can notice that these shades are ideal for enhancing the eyes without making any solid statement.
  3. Have correct brushes for the intended purposes: Highlighters, glosses etc work the best when these are applied with correct type of brushes. For example, you must have flat eye shadow brush for enhancing eyelids, a small and medium sized brush for blending, and a smudger brush which is optional.
  4. Dampen the brush for better effect: Use eye-shadow after dipping the brush in water. Also, tap the brush for removing excess product. Always apply most of the product at the inner most corner and then spread it towards the outer corner.
  5. Use eyeshades according to the color of the eyes: Your eyes will stand out if the shadows are used according to their tone. For example, brown and gray are the colors that go well with the hazel eyes in a normal day makeup. For a bit dramatic results, one can go for orange and lavender shade.

Eye makeup ideas to follow for everyday styling

best eye makeup tips

Everyday styling needs something subtle and easy to blend with the normal wear. So, here are some of the easy eye makeup looks that you can go for amidst the chaos of rush hours of the morning, and still look your best self at the work.

  1. Simple kohl lined smokey eye look: This is the style Bollywood stars swear by. And, it looks just the best on a common office going female too. the contours are done after the application of foundation, which is the normal process. The special step includes applying kohl on the base and above and considerable amount of mascara. This makeup looks awesome and is easy to do too.
  2. Decorating eyes in 5 minutes or less: This makeup idea is perfect for the morning styling. You will require a chestnut brown eye shadow, shell eye shadow, kohl and mascara and a flat brush to complete this makeup. With all steps remaining the same, the extra coating of liner is replaced with intensifying the mascara. Thus, you save lot of time and still look your best.
  3. Brown and gold soft eye look: Women can bring the attention to eyes easily with this makeup idea. The primer of brown eye shadow is followed by gold shade eye shadow and blended over the eyelid. The flat brush is used for contouring and final touch is given by adding mascara to eyelashes.
  4. Simple day eye look: You replace colors with nude eye shadow and tone down the brown shade considerably to create the simple day eye makeup look. The eyes look subtly beautiful as the amount of kohl and mascara applied is lowered down too.

But, you surely can go more dramatic if you are dressing up for events that require you making a style statement. Here are a few very bold yet beautiful fresh ideas for eye makeup that can fetch you lot more attention.

best eye makeup tips

  1. Gold eyes for festive look: The eye makeup involves heavy coating of gold eye shadow. And the contours are winged distinctly in liquid eye liner. The look goes great with party wear and is ideal for festive occasions.
  2. Blue winged liner: Nude eye shadow as the primer, very light coating of brown eye shadow are done one after the other. Then, comes the real part. The upper eyelash base is given single stroke of bright blue eye-liner in winged style. This color becomes the highlight of your eyes as mascara is toned down to emphasize on the winged part.
  3. Black and silver eye shadow makeup for smokey eyes: This makeup idea makes use of black eye shadow which is applied over the crease of the eyes on the upper eyelid post primer application. It is smudged with flat brush to create smokey effect. Silver eye shadow is then applied on the arch of the eyebrow to highlight it. To make look more defined, the double coating of mascara is used.

So, these are some of the most promising eye makeup ideas that can never fail you in the styling game.  Learn these and practice a lot to get perfection and don’t forget to check out these laser hair removal service rivoskin.

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