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Best Benefits of Rose Water

Benefits of Rose Water

Rosewater- Rosewater is made by distilling rose petals with steam. The fragrance of rose petals is so soothing that it can be used as a mild fragrance in perfumes over chemicals. It is used for curing some ailments and enhancing the beauty of face, skin, body and reducing aging. More than the other effects and usages, it is a beauty item that is going to make your skin softer and lighter with a smooth touch factor in it.

Rosewater is thought an Iran’s creation. From years it has been used as a beauty product. It is used in food and drinks. It is also used in religious rituals.

It has numerous health benefits:

  • Using rose water daily on the face can help you to improve complexion and reduce redness and tone uneven skin.
  • The antibacterial property of rose water may help reduce acne.¬† Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it is helpful in reducing redness, blotchiness, and puffiness. It helps to soothe skin irritations such as eczema or rosacea irritations.
  • It helps to regenerate skin tissues and tighten the pores to give a younger-looking skin.
  • It also helps to treat sore throat.
  • Due to the anti-septic property of rose water, it can be used to treat or prevent infections. It is used in natural as well as medical treatments. It’s analgesic and antiseptic property help in the treatment of ocular disease. It is used in eye drops to treat conjunctivitis and redness or itching of the eyes.
  • The rose petals and its oil can inhibit lipid peroxidation thus acting as protection for the cells.
  • Rosewater is used to treat cuts and burns. Due to the antibacterial property, it protects from the infections of the wounds. Rosewater is also used in treating scars.
  • It has strong anti-anxiety properties which are used to relax mood and enhance the mood. The aroma helps to get rid of the anxiety.
  • It is used in Aromatherapy to relieve headaches by de-stressing. Apply a cloth soaked in rosewater on the head for 30 minutes or more and see the positive result.
  • Its nourishing and moisturizing properties help to enhance hair quality. It is used to treat scalp inflammations and dandruff. It works as a natural conditioner and promotes hair growth.
  • You can also try spraying rose water on the pillow to get better sleep and get refreshed morning.
  • It helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Bile secretion: It improves the secretion of bile juices which in turn help to soothe digestion.
  • Rosewater does wonders to any skin type -whether you have dry skin, oily skin or natural skin. Everyone can get benefit from their application regularly.
  • It helps to maintain the ph. of the skin and controls the secretion of excessive oil on the skin.
  • It is a great cleanser and helps to reduce dirt from the clogged pores.
  • It also acts as a moisturizer. It revitalizes the skin and keeps it hydrated.
  • Mask: You can also mix the rose water with few drops of coconut oil and apply it on the face, neck and even hands for moisturizing the skin. This mixture is best for those who have very dry skin.

Benefits of Rose Water

How to use it:

#1. Spray rosewater on the skin directly: This can be used to set makeup leaving a radiant glowing skin and keep it hydrated. You can also spray rose water at night to get rid of all the impurities from the face.

#2. For frizzy hair: Take a few drops of glycerin and rose water. Mix them well and apply this mixture to the scalp and massage for 15 minutes. Let it stay on the scalp for 30 minutes and then wash with shampoo. You can feel the difference with the first application.

#3. Cleanser: Wash your face with a face wash and then apply a mixture of rose water and glycerin. This acts as a natural cleanser and leaves your skin soft and glowing.

#4. Cure tired and puffed eyes: Soak a cotton pad in rose water and keep the cotton pad on your eyes. It helps to reduce puffiness and tiredness of the eyes as well as get rid of the redness of the eye.

#5. Conditioner: After shampooing the hair, rinse the hairs finally with one cup of rose water. This will help to condition your hair deeply making it shiny and healthier.

#6. Toner: Rosewater acts as the best toner. Dip a cotton ball in cold rose water and dab it on your skin gently. It will not only tone the skin but also tighten the pores.

#7. Treat Acne: Mix a few drops of lemon juice with rose water and apply it on acne-prone skin. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes.

Mask for acne treatment: You can also prepare a mixture of Multani mitti with rose water. Apply it on the face and let it dry. Wash off the mask with cold water. A regular application will get the best results for you.

#8. Used to remove makeup: Use cotton dipped in rose water to remove makeup. You can also prepare a mixture of coconut oil and rose water mixture to remove makeup.

#9. Tan removal: Take 2 tbsp of gram flour and mix it with rose water and lemon juice. Apply this paste on the skin for 15 minutes and flush out tanning.

#10. Body moisturizer: Take almond oil or regular cream and mix rose water to it. Apply it all over the body to keep it moisturized.

These are the 10 ways how you can use rose water to enhance your beauty and treat a number of ailments. You can follow these steps regularly or as per the need. This is the best skin treatment product. But beware to buy a 100% natural rose water. Grab a bottle of rose water and make your skin naturally healthy and glowing. The best part of this beauty item is that it has got no side-effects at all. Chemicals are used in the product so mildly that it will neither make any reactions to your skin. That makes this item a very special one too.

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