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5 Tips For Applying Press On Nails

Are you thinking about applying nail presses? Do you want to know how to make the nail dashes last longer on your nails? If yes, here we are going to tell you five easy tips for applying press on your nails. Following these tips, you will get a salon-like manicure at home.

Clean The Nails

The first step to applying nail dashes is to clean the nails and remove any nail paint or nail glue that is left over. After you have cleaned your nails, push the cuticles back. Nail dashes come with a press on nail application kit, containing a stick and a file. So, you have everything you need for applying fake nails on your nails.

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Pick Your Nail Size

If you want your press-on nails to look real, it is essential to make sure that you choose the right size. Red Aspen nail dashes are thin and fit perfectly that gives your nails a natural look. So, make sure that you chose the right size so that the nails stay on the cuticles as long as possible.

If you choose nails that are too large or too small, you will have to deal with pop-offs. Also, lay your nails out in the right order in order to avoid getting confused while applying the dashes. Once you find the size that works for you, remember it for the future.

Buff The Nails And Clean Them

Buff each of the nails to rough the surface. Doing so will help the glue and nail stick better and reduces the chances of pop-offs. Then, clean each nail by rubbing alcohol. Dry out the nails, ensuring that there is no moisture. If moisture is left on the nails, you may end up with green nails on removing the nail dashes. It is recommended to keep alcohol wipes handy, preferably with your nail dashes.

Apply The Nail Dashes

After you have cleaned the nails, it is time to put on the nail dashes. Apply a thin layer of nail glue first to your natural nail and then to the nail dashes. You can take a tip of the glue and spread it across the nail. Use a small glue dot in the middle if you want to wear the nail dashes for less time.

A Bonus Tip – People often make the mistake of applying the dashes upside down. So, while applying the nails, make sure that the number side goes towards the tip away from the cuticles. Also, apply the nails at a 45 degree angle and press the nails firmly.

Check if the glue has come out before pressing the nail so that the glue doesn’t get to the top of the nail. However, if the glue squeezes out, grab the alcohol wipe and wipe it off.

Trim The Nails To Your Desired Shape

Now that you have applied the nail dashes, you are all set to rock the manicure at home. Do you want a different size or shape that the one you applied? You can change it. If there is a lot of length to take off, take a nail clipper and clip them. You can use both a salon style nail clipper and a regular nail file for this.

After you have applied the nails, you want to know how long will they last. Well, it depends on how you followed the instructions and how your individual nails are. Some people get these solid nail dashes for over two weeks, while others get close to 10 days. There are people who use less glue so that they can try new designs.