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15 Meaningful Family Tattoos That Show Your Love

Meaningful family tattoos

Tattoo is a self-expression of love or a relationship you have with someone else. Family tattoos will never go out of style. The family unit is most fundamental unit in our lives. It does not necessarily mean brother or sisters but also close friends who you share much in common. This is because it acts as a harbour that makes us feel safe, supported and loved. It is worth getting a family tattoo because at the end of the day family will remain family during the good and bad times.

Everyone has a story behind the family tattoo they have. The tattoos not only represent love and bond but also a tribute to the loved ones that you have comes in a wide range of criterion ranging from symbols, photorealistic, meaningful words just to name a all depends on your personal this review we will discuss at some of the amazing family tattoos that you can get to choose from.

1. Heart Family Tattoo To Honor The Bond

This are basically initials which might be everyone’s first name initial. This is done in order to express individuality as well as create a strong bond amongst them. Most people often prefer their first initial name. The tattoo can be as small as you wish. It is best when etched at the back of your arm.This is because you’ll attract less attention from people as they don’t really focus on looking at someone’s arm.

family tattoos

2. Unique Symbols

This is a great design that can be used as a matching image for all members of the family. You can spice it up by making it unique for each member of the family. Depending on your personal choice you can either opt for a minimal or large design. This tattoo looks great when worn at the foot. The symbol does not have to necessarily have any takes less time and less art work is required.

family tattoos

3. Elephant Family Tattoo

This design has been trending for quite some timenow. This is because of the powerful message it carries along with not only symbolizes family bond but also unconditional love. You can have this tattoo at any part of the body but the chest is a great place to have it etched. This is because the chest has a large space that can fit a large image. Lot of expertise is required to craft this artwork.

family tattoos

4. Butterflies Tattoo

Butterflies are naturally beautiful. They symbolize faith, natural beauty and pure love. Many families opt for this tattoo due to its powerful meaning. This tattoo is normally eye appealing and you wouldn’t mind having it even if it didn’t have any symbolic meaning. Having it one the upper arm is a brilliant idea,it especially looks superb when the whole family takes a photo of it. This leaves people amused by the level of unity in your family.

family tattoos

5. Numbers Tattoo

These tattoos have different meanings. Some symbolise ones date of birth, weddingdate, a date you lost your loved ones or a gang street number. The meaning depends on your own personal choice. You can place this tattoo at any part of your body but I highly recommend the arm.You can spice up the numbers by adding an extra image such as an arrow, football. This greatly improves it appearance. Add this tattoo design to your bucket list.

family tattoos

6. Love With Flowers

This is the ideal family tattoo that every family wishing to have a similar tattoo should have. It symbolises love amongst people. Family is all about showing love to each other both in good and bad times. There is no greater way of representing this than getting a tattoo of such a kind. Being a minimal tattoo it is ideal when etched on the forearm. Addingcolours to the flowers adds pop and live to the tattoo.

family tattoos

7. Small Birds On Branch Tattoo

This tattoo symbolises a lot depending on one’sculture. Birds symbolise a spiritually happy and free life. Some religion actually claim that birds are a representation of heaven and earth. The art encourages people to live a happy life despite the various challenges that keep holding us back. The forearm is a great place to have this tattoo etched on to. Adding different colours adds live to the tattoo. Consider getting yourself this amazing artwork from a skilled expert.

family tattoos

8. Love Bond Family Sister Tattoo

This is a universal symbol of love and connection. In addition it can represent closeness and eternal bond. The tattoo can be of several designs depending on your personal choice. The tattoo is great when etched on the upper forearm. This is because the arm is a great part of the body to have a tattoo if you don’t want to attract lots of attention from people. Honor your family with this amazing artwork.

family tattoos

9. Sisters With Dates Tattoo

This tattoo symbolises sisters trying to remember an important date in their lives. It might be their birthday if they happen to be twins. It is a simple and charming art. The hair bun on one sister may symbolise that she is disciplined while the other girl whose hair is blowing the wind may symbolise that she is carefree. The tattoo is ideal for twins since they share similar birth date. It is great when etched on the lower forearm.

family tattoos

10. Together Forever Tattoo

This is a word tattoo that is minimal but carries such a powerful symbolises unity and a never ending bond. There is no greater way of expressing love to your loved ones than having such kind of a tattoo. The words are great when etched on the lower forearm. Grab your siblings and have this one of a kind tattoo. You can decorate the tattoo by adding small flowers around those powerful words.

family tattoos

11. Stick Family Tattoo

This is a simple tattoo with fine lines that one can express the love for their family with. It is a funny way of representing them in a portrait sketch. It’s basically sketches of each family member in black inked sticks. The design normally looks funny but it is very meaningful.Family is the most important unit in our social life. Therefore getting a sketchy representation of your family members is a good idea which you won’t regret.

family tattoos

12. Butterflies Tattoo

The butterflies are naturally beautiful. They symbolize faith, natural beauty and pure love. Many families opt for this tattoo due to its powerful meaning. In addition the tattoo is normally eye appealing. Having it one the upper arm is a brilliant especially looks superb when the whole family takes a photo it.

family tattoos

13. Family Potrait Tattoo

Family is the most important unit in our lives. It ranges from nuclear, extended to single parent family. However family can  be basically close friends who you’ve shared a lot in common. Getting a portrait tattoo with sketches of all your family members in it is a brilliant idea. The tattoo is ideal when placed at the upper arm.It will constantly remind you that there are people who have your back regardless of the circumstances. You can add live to the tattoo by having it in different colours.

family tattoos

14. Promise Tattoo

This is a symbolic representation that you will never stop loving each other no matter the circumstances. This makes it a great choice for family members since it’s a group of people who are basically bounded by is great when placed at any part of the body. But I highly recommend it to be etched on the lower feet especially for people who dislike attention. Ensure you get a skilled tattoo expert so that you achieve the right design.

family tattoos

15. Happy Family Tattoo

This includes mother, father and children swirling their hands as if they are meditating. It symbolises blessings and favour from nature. A positive tattoo that everyone wouldn’t mind having it on. Ensure you get a tattoo artist who will bring out the image to look as real as possible. Ensure you have it a wide area of your body  since it is a large tattoo that will occupy a large space.

family tattoos

Having had the discussion above one can now choose which tattoo suits them best depending on your personal preference. The tattoos above have been well researched. For instance if you want something minimal then you can choose a meaningful word tattoo. On the other hand, families that have lost their loved ones then numbers representing dates or year they passed away would be ideal for them. If you love large tattoos then family portrait is ideal. Ensure you get a skilled expert who will bring out the best version of such kind of a tattoo. You can decide to add different colours to the tattoo so as to make it look as real as possible.

Meaningful Family Tattoos

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