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L’ANGE Triomphe Vs CHI Nano Hair Dryer: Choose The Best One

L'ANGE Triomphe Vs CHI Nano Hair Dryer

Are you searching online home beauty essential for the blow dryer? We have done serious research on the different dryer to make work easier for you. In this article, we discuss the comparison of the L’ANGE TriompheVs CHI Nano Hair Dryer.

It will best if you got them each works different but perform the same work. Check below our list of the comparison before deciding which one is the best to purchase for your hair beauty.

L'ANGE TriompheCHI Nano Hair Dryer
L’ANGE TriompheCHI Nano Hair Dryer
It is made of the cushion handle.Lightweight design makes the styling breeze.
Helps you to dry your hair quickly as it reduces the split of the end frizz.Allows for hands-free use
The machines use infrared heat of the technology.Lightweight for reducing hands, arms, and shoulder fatigue
Easy to use and lightweightIt helps in reducing the drying time.
Great for thick long hair
Protects hair health
These machines do not come with the retractable cord.It limits the heat and speed setting.
It is a more expensive one.Slightly expensive.

L’ANGE Triomphe

L’ANGE Triomphe is designed for a hairdryer. It features a cushioned handle and ultra-light frame. Triomphe uses for creating ultra-glossy for the last shining and has removal filter and easy to handle on your hands.

The dryer used to produce negative ions for infusing hair to soften the smoothing of the particles of the shine to reduce frizz. The handle curl is ergonomic for functioning and aesthetic. It is designed for the version L’ANGE Triomphe hairdryer which is discontinued. It is more user friendly to use. The design of the machine is lightweight, and you can carry easily to move with when drying.

L’ANGE Triomphe is best overall and is powerful enough for drying needs. It provides your hair protection of your hair. It is lightweight and cushioned handle.

L'ANGE Triomphe

CHI Nano Hair Dryer

CHI Nano Hair Dryer features ceramic ionic of the technology of the dries hair. This product is lightweight and small to travel with. It smoothes your hair and shiny strand and straightens your hair. It is quite advance and small to keep reading the CHI Nano.

The machine is designed with robust 1875W ceramic for a motor of faster drying. The device offers you dual-air intake for the two vents to help you reduce the drying for healthier air.

It weighs at less for the pound and little powerhouse for delivering good service. The nozzle is used to add volume and smoothness of your hair.

CHI has brought flat iron of expense for the new blow dryer. The comb attached is allowed you for drying and straighten a section of your hair.

This is a fast-drying component of the product to make it appeal when you are using. CHI Nano Hair Dryer drying for more and clean the air to breathe with the NANO. It features Blue LED light to send out wavelength to kill some of the air’s bacteria of microorganism.

Technology helps you to neutralize the surrounding air to keep inside of dryer free to build up and kills dandruff. The powerful airflow through the ceramic heater and generates ions smooth and shines your hair.

CHI Nano Hair Dryer


Design of L’ANGE Triomphe

It is pretty to the compact model of the machine. It is designed with a low profile to finish the black textured matte and find the work of cleaning the filter. The product used to help to achieve the smooth, frizz-free waves.

L’ANGE Triomphe is organized too with pouch including the style for your hair. It is built with the premium look of the design. It has a pretty similar design for providing you with the L’ANGE Triomphe of OK design for more useful user.

L'ANGE Triomphe

Design of the CHI Nano Hair Dryer

Id designed to features a lightweight, ergonomic design which is robust 1875W ceramic of the motor styling. Ceramic is a technology which generates negative ionic of the dry hair. The machine offers you the vents’ air intake system to reduce the drying time while producing a more robust flow.

CHI Nanosilver is doing more of the cleaning air to breath with Nano to kill bacteria and microorganisms in the air.

CHI Nano Hair Dryer

Power motor and setting L’ANGE Triomphe

The core of hairdryer is standard, which is excellent to perform high performance and speed. The technology used is extended to the motor’s lifespan to ensure the drying is more durable and of long-lasting.

It has heat and speed setting with two main buttons to control the temperature of the airflow pressure. It has three of the heating settings with two speeds. Those are cold air button to get you cold airlock of the hairstyle. The location may not be precise at a reasonable price.


The power setting of CHI Nano Hair Dryer

The machine used to upload various heat and speed settings. It is a versatile carbon fibre dryer that is excellent for getting your brand of the great dryer in the right place. The fast-drying is used to damage the protection of your hair. It has three heat setting of the multiple speed.

CHI Nano Hair Dryer

Additional Features

The L’ANGE Triomphe has a detachable nozzle for concentration heat. The cord us 9ft with convenient hanging loop. It features a cool shot button which is extended of your blowout. The filter and cap are used to remove for cleaning and maintenance. This dryer has rocker switches to allow you the comfortable speed of the temperature adjustments.

CHI Nano Hair Dryer features a lightweight and is the faster dryer for your hair. It used to weigh less than pounds. The machine has 1875W DC of the motor. The concentration of the nozzle is to focus on the target and precision styling for the diffusion. It is best for the rapid growth of technology. It features a cool-shot button for the heavy-duty professional nine-foot of 360-degree rotational cord hanging. You can use it flexible and easy to clean its filter.

Final word

If you read through the review, you will realize L’ANGE Triomphe is the best choice you can get. The material used is kind of best to use on your hair. Both L’ANGE Triomphe and CHI Nano Hair Dryer are lightweight and easy to transport. They have a heating setting of the product you can use to set quickly.

The difference between then is a cord. L’ANGE Triomphe has a mighty cable short, and CHI Nano is longer. The good thing is both they do not give your hair damage, and you can choose the product depending on the factors and features mentioned above. When choosing a dryer, make sure you have got the one with a two-year warranty.

L'ANGE Triomphe Vs CHI Nano Hair Dryer