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DYSON Supersonic Vs REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer-Choose the Best

DYSON Supersonic Vs REVLON One-Step Volumizer

This post is created for you if you need to shop for the dryer of your choice. We had done thorough research on comparing both DYSON Supersonic and Revlon one step to come up with the best. If you need the perfect dryer, stick to this article to prepare for you the difference between the two. Both dryers have become popular and work perfectly but let us check the best one.

DYSON Supersonic is one of the best dryers that worth your money. Although it is expensive, but it will not disappoint you. We highly recommend it to anyone who comes to us looking for an excellent dryer. However, REVLON One-Step Volumizerstill the best option for you. This one has a friendly price. If you cannot afford for supersonic, go for this one.

All of the dryers have a pretty similar design, and you can start your dryer journey with ease. Dyson always produces quality products, and that why most people are eager to buy from them. You can choose below the dryer that can meet your needs according to your hair type. When you are shopping for a dryer, they are several things to look for before you purchase.


DYSON SupersonicRevlon One-Step Hair Dryer
DYSON SupersonicREVLON One-Step
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Easy of cleaning, this dryer is twisted on and off for easy monthly cleaning.Time saver if you are in a hurry is best
Storage, it has hundreds of the storage option available for this tool where you can select for your DYSON supersonic.It smoothes the back of your hair.
Supersonic created minimal noise compared to others.It does not need coordination. You can skill normally to associate with styling.
Protect your hair with four of the temperature for healthy hair. It includes heat setting and blasts for 212°F, 176°F, 140°F.Easy to use.
Perfect magnetic attachments, it had nozzle and diffuser of the magnetic that makes it easy to attach and remove. It helps to make your hair long with a slight natural curl.
It produces perfect results. Your hair will be smoother, shiner, and less frizzy.Friendly budget.
Lightweight, it easy to carry when you want to travel.
Bonus, Dyson gives its clients a bonus. You may be lucky and get one.
Dries nearly half of the time
Expensive, Supersonic is one of the costly dryers due to its quality.It’s louder.
The power cord has a large transformation, which takes a lot of your space. Brush gets hot easily unless you put on a heat protector.
Not perfect for traveling. Although supersonic is lightweight to carry but have a bulky cable that can bring issues.If you pull on wet hair can damage your hair.
You will require to stop drying and change the temperature or speed.Not durable.

DYSON Supersonic Reviews

To help you realize Dyson supersonic is the top pick, we spent much of the time testing. I used to handle different hair types and take less of the time drying. The dryer is engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage. The controlling styling is used to increase the smoothing of 75% increases of the shine.

DYSON Supersonic

Supersonic is designed and engineered to meant the hair looks shinning, and with their intelligent heat control is easy. It makes significant smoother to the hair after use of the supersonic. It makes your hair smooth from roots to the coarse of the hair.

The cost of the Dyson supersonic is a little expensive but has a policy. It comes with a warranty of two years plus the labor and its parts. The good thing if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it in the next 30 days after purchase.

The supersonic has an easy to cleaner filter, so you do not have to panic when cleaning with the magnetic, removable, and washable cleaner filter. You do not have to apply a lot of effort for the dryer, whatever.

The presence of the smoothing nozzle is drier to give you a smooth finish in a short time. It is used for more precise styling. You can use it perfectly in your salon because of the silent sound it produces.


REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer Reviews

REVLON One-Step is easy to use or hold when you are drying. It is an effective style and dries your hair once. It allows you to tangle your hair, and heat settings allow you flexible styling option. It is convenient for them for a variety of hairstyles. This helps you to create a high-quality style within short minutes, and your hair looks pretty smart.

REVLON One-StepRevlon One-Step Hair Dryer

It helps you combine hairdryer and dry your hair in half of the time while achieving salon-quality results. The good thing with this dryer you can adjust the heating and speed depending on your style you want your hair to look. It comes with a level of the cooling setting.

The hairdryer’s ionic technology helps you dry your hair within no minutes, and you are done. REVLON One-Step Volumizer is used to produce the ionic negative of the mixed air from the vents. Therefore, those vents are used to dry the droplet quicker and reduce the amount of time while achieving the faster effective dryer. You can give it a try is one of the best dryers.



DYSON Supersonic-Design

Supersonic look cool, like none of the dryer you have used before. It has a V9 motor that is small for sitting your handle fixed at the back. It helps to make your hair neat all the time. Supersonic is compact with a hairdryer for allowing the hairdryer to improve on their balance also.

Designed to weigh 1.4lbs/ 0.66kg, which not top-heavy, that is why it is comfortable to hold for a long time. The size makes it easy to pack away. It will not take much of your space.

The magnetic is used for making quick and easy take-off for the supersonic. It has a digital motor for making small enough to sit on the handle rather than bolted on the dryer’s back.

Technology enables the supersonic to look more balanced when you are using. The design is clutter-free to set off the control. It is easy to aim for any hair you want to style. The large attachment is to diffuse, defining curl and defrizzing.


DYSON Supersonic- Performance

The supersonic is the best hair dryer you can buy and start using today. It dries your hair quickly. You can adjust the speed of the dryer you need and the temperature setting. The Dyson button is far small, and you may need to sense where it is located. The button is closer to where your forefinger is located. You can press the styling for the to blast cool air.

Dyson supersonic compare to the REVLON One-Step, designed not to make hair hot or uncomfortable to work with for a long time. You will notice significant smoother after prolonged use of the supersonic. It has forced to 10 gales of the nozzle direction for the heat efficiently.

DYSON Supersonic

The is the dryer is pretty quirt to consider. You can use it over without feeling tired. If you want to get a hairdryer within a short time with supersonic, make it come true. With the use of a rubber mount, it reduces the speed of vibration between motor and handle. The silence it produces is quiet. Only a dog near can hear it. This is the reason why we recommend it as the best of all dryer. It makes your hair shinning and stunning within a short time. If you plan to soon and want to dry your hair look beautiful with a supersonic dryer, you will not regret it. You can give it a try.


REVLON One-Step Volumizer- Design

The Revlon resembles the oversized barrel brush with a chunky handle. Its handle has a length of the 2.5-meter cord of the single switch that rotates to select the temperature you want. The heat of the dryer increase between the speed setting.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

It gives you more volume to help lift hair from the roots. It does an amazing job and makes your hair shine. The Revlon bright pink color has an original model and is heavy to carry. If you compare to the weight of the supersonic, this is twice. Having a separate brush when traveling is easy to carry.

REVLON One-Step Volumizer -Performance

REVLON One-Step Volumizer has the lowest two speeds of the temperature, which impressed for a short time. You will require to use it for a long time. The style is dried, and because of the size, you can even hold a brush separate and at awkward of the rivals. Due to their temperature, it remains constant. The good thing you can use it with one hand. You can as well enjoy a cup of tea as you dry your hair. This dryer is a game-changer for some people.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer



Dyson supersonic concentrator help for creating effortless waves of your hair. The diffuser speed up for drying the curled hair also diffuses without the frizz. Sleek you can get four different colors to select what you prefer. 3-speed setting includes fast drying, regular drying, and gentle drying. The styling concentrator has a narrow opening that provides a target of the stream.

REVLON One-Step Volumizer comes with an accessory. It is designed specifically for step one. It will depend on your hair. You might spend extra cash to use for the Revlon one step.

It is powerful for most hairdryers and even hair flow ionic technology for the wattage, which is not a big deal. You can thick long hair to get the results you wanted.


DYSON Supersonic Vs REVLON One-Step Volumizer both offers good service and has the best features. The main difference Supersonic is expensive, and the Revlon is cheaper. However, Dyson’s supersonic is the best overall. Both products are used for hairstyling. Both of the products may give you damage but help to keep your hair healthy. Supersonic is designed for people who are incredible to observe the details.

REVLON One-Step Volumizer offers a great service depending on the hairstyle. It would help if you were careful when you are drying. Both come with a warranty of two years.

DYSON Supersonic Vs REVLON One-Step Volumizer