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Dyson Corrale Vs GHD Platinum – Choose The Best One

Dyson Corrale Vs GHD Platinum

Do you want to get your hair done at an affordable price? Or are you looking for the best hair straightening and smoothening machine? Good, Dyson and GHD have the best products for you. Both Dyson Corral and GHD platinum are amongst the best high-quality straighteners.

Hair straightening is becoming o fashion these days. We have several companies offering different features, design and ranges,Dyson Corral and GHD Platinum being among the products.

Below we are going to discuss both products and compare them to make it easier for you to choose the best product which suits your needs.

Dyson CorraleGHD Platinum
Dyson CorraleGHD Platinum
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It has an automatic shutoff after every 10 minutes of no use.It’s made up of the smartest techniques.
It has three different heat settings.It maintains steady heat without causing any damage to the hair.
Corral measures the heat of the plates 100 times a second, giving it an even heat and ensuring there are no spots on the straightener getting warmer than the others.It easily creates curls and waves.
Corral hair straightener gives a smarter look when compared to GHD platinum.Has a resistant plate guard.
It’s cordless and has an OLED screen temperature.It maintains constant heat temperatures.
Due to its higher heat range settings, Dyson Corrale is expensive.It’s too expensive when compared to other products.
Fails to work well on very curly hair.
Has only one heat setting.


Dyson Limited is a company established by a British technical company in the United Kingdom. It was first founded in 1999 by sir James Dysonin Wiltshire England. The company have introduced several types of hair products in different ranges.

Dyson Corralecomes with a 360° magnetic charger enabling fast charging. It also comes with a high tech vacuum that helps in easy straightening of the hair, making it shiny and smooth. On the rear side, of DysonCorral, there is an aeroplane symbol which helps in highlighting a toggle that can be pulled up for the battery’s safe mode.

Dyson Corrale

Every plate is composed of 65 microns and has the same width as the human hair. Corrale comes with a 15 section plate which can be downed for flexibility and helps in providing enough pressure to the clamp and the other hair stylers. The machine shuts off automatically after every 10 minutes of no use. The plates can be pushed down using a finger by clicking to move the plates up.

Dyson Corraleheats up quickly since it takes just 3 seconds to heat up. It comes along with a styling performance and an Airwrap. It also comes with a four-cell lithium-ion battery which lasts for 30 minutes. For those who want to go for a high budget straightener, you can choose the DysonCorral.

This product comes along with innovative technology and is made with modern techniques.


GHD is the Good Hair Day Manufacturing company. It is a private company established in Leeds in the United Kingdom. GHD is a styling company and was founded in the year 2001 by sir Gary Douglas, sir Robert Powls and Martin Penny.

GHD platinum has an ultra zone technique which is one of the newest breakouts in styling and guarantees heat throughout the whole plate, giving it a beautiful look and shine. A wishbone hinge I attached on the plate to control and create style. Floating plates with an advanced precision-milled are placed with a high specification and a gloss finish to give a beautiful, shiny and perfect hair.

GHD Platinum

It comes with a warranty of 3 years together with the best customer care facilities. GHD platinum is a first predictive hair straightener with the tri-zone technique that maintains a safer for heat from the root to tip and getting a stylish hair. It also has a heat resistant protecting plate guard for easy styling and an automatic sleep mode is attached to the straightener.

It has an advantage since it allows you to buy through the online process. It switches off after every 30 minutes of no use. If you are looking for a low budget machine, then you can choose to buy this machine.

GHD platinum offers the best quality services with innovative technology and with the best price. It’s durable when compared to the other hair straightening machines. It has a good reputation, both online and offline.



Dyson Corrale gives you the best look when compared to GHD platinum. Its cordless capacity is heavier than that of the GHD platinum. Its weight is 560g and can be attached with a cord weighing 10.9 feet long.

Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corral is designed using a flat iron which comes with a cordless technique, a clock and can and can easily be changed. A hair straightener must be designed in a way that it attracts its users.


GHD Platinum comes along with a cord weighing 400g, and the length of the cord is 9 feet long. Majority of the users chooses to buy a product that offers advanced technology, with less price and with good design.

GHD Platinum

It also has a flat iron material which is round in shape. It is available in different colours, unlike Dyson, which does not offer different colours. A product must be designed in a manner that attracts more customers to buy it.



Dyson Corral uses the flat irons which are awesomely engineered to constantly adjust the temperature and the plates to keep heating throughout. The flat iron plates can damage the user’s hair, and that’s the reason as to why it was replaced with a manganese copper which helps in reducing hair breakage. Therefore the plates are made of manganese copper alloy.

Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale has three temperature settings of 330F, 365F and 410F, respectively. Those with thin hair can go for a lower temperature, whereas those with coarse hair can go for the high temperature.


GHD platinum comes with the new technology which has floating plates, working together for frizz-free and shinier straightened hair. The machine is with less static and frizz.

It offers only one heat settings of 365F. It is said that the 365F heat setting is the best temperature for straightening of hair without damage. It also has a flat iron power button.

GHD Platinum

GHD platinum consists of rounded barrels which makes it easier in creating myriad on styles. It also has a long swivel cord which helps in measuring up to 9 feet helping in the reduction of a tangled cord.

The straightener goes to sleep after every 30 minutes of non-use.


Dyson Corralehas a heat resistant pouch and a charging dock. It comes with a cordless which can be used for up to half an hour. Cordless is the best since it removes annoying plugs and cables. When fully charged, 30 minutes are more than enough time to straighten even the thickest hair. It takes a minimum of 70 minutes to charge fully.

GHD platinumdoes not have the ultra zone technology and the predictive features of its stablemate, but instead, it has dual-zone sensors which help in maintaining even temperatures.


Dyson Corrale has advanced features including the manganese copper alloy plates, cordless, three heat settings and OLED screen, which helps in reducing hair damage. It offers great features with innovative techniques. It’s easy to use this product with the help of the cord. Its price is higher than that of the GHD platinum but its worth buying.

GHD platinum’s cost is a bit lower when compared to that of the DysonCorrale and offers many colours, unlike Dyson. GHD has invented a firster predictive straightener which offers the best durability when compared to the products. It offers features with innovative technology.

Both Dyson and GHD offer the best features of modern technology. Both attract customers to buy the products. They both give the best when it comes to shining and smoothening of the hair. They both have a warranty and have the best customer services.

Dyson Corrale Vs GHD Platinum