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Bio Ionic Graphene MX vs Foxybae Blomance – Choose The Best

Bio Ionic Graphene MX vs Foxybae Blomance

Searching for the best hairdryer? You require something fast and cutting edge that makes your hair feel healthy and hydrated without sacrificing your desired quality. We’ve got the best straighteners for you. Both Bio Ionic Graphene and Foxy Bae are good quality straighteners. Blow-drying of hair is becoming a fashion nowadays. Many companies give different hair blow-dryers with different features, ranges, and designs, Bio ionic and Foxy BaeBlomancebeing amongst the products.

You are a boss lady and ain’t got time to waste over 30 minutes on a straightener daily. Grab the straightener of your dreams without ever having to walk into a beauty parlor. Along with the modern hairstyling technique, you can have the best hair day, all day daily. This ultra-luxe rose gold dryer features a high-end salon AC motor that blow-dries your hair in half the time, locks in moisture, and lowers damage for radiant, healthier hair. It has three speeds and three temperature settings, and a cold shot button that gives your hair exactly what it requires!

Women need an effortless blow dryer that will dry their hair faster and more efficiently while reducing frizz. Inconsiderate of which tool you choose to purchase, all are the best for straightening your hair perfectly. Elchim 3900 is one of the latest products in the market, and the model may differ in plate thickness. Bio ionic is also well known for its perfection in hair drying straightening.

FoxyBae Hairdryer has a powerful 1600 watt motor for super-fast drying and ionic technology that reduces frizz. Many clients have loved how fast Blomance dried their hair and how smooth their blowouts turned out. Here below, we have highlighted some key features, importance and disadvantages of Bio ionic and FoxyBaeblomance to make your work easier when choosing.

Bio Ionic Graphene MXFoxybae Blomance
Bio Ionic Graphene MXFoxybae Blomance
This machine is made with a compact design.The tourmaline technique produces negative ions that combine with infrared properties to produce straighter and shinier locks in one smooth glide.
The controls are easy to use.The ceramic tourmaline moisturizes hair evenly from the outside and inside, locking in moisture and at the same time reducing frizz.
Graphene mx is the best in hair smoothening.Has temperature control settings for fast styling, longer-lasting, and less damage result.
It’s quick fast in creating awesome, long-lasting styles with less breakage.Has Nano technique that prevents bacterial growth for neat tresses.
This tool makes your hair feel and healthy-looking.The dryers negative ion properties seals the cuticle, thus smoothing the hair’s surface.
Bio ionic does not have controllable heat and speed settingsBlomance is a little bit expensive.
It is expensiveDoes not have dual voltage settings.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Bio Ionic graphene mx hair straightener is a known brand that brings the best hair styling. One of the nice things with this hairdryer is that it enables you to straighten your hair fast at the same time gently, and other than being the leading product, its appeal to look durable. If you are sea for a bio ionic graphene mix hairdryer, it has a warranty of ten years.

BIO ionic graphene mx has a good temperature rate setting that enables you to adjust the range you require. This machine heats up faster and comfortable to hold in your hands. Has a premium price tag, so it’s your choice to decide. Another awesome thing about Bio Ionic is that it has an automatic shut-off, and after an hour of no use, it shut itself. It is used to make moisturizing heat to make your hair shiny and glossy all the minutes.

BIO ionic has a plate that features graphene mix pro of the styling iron. The plate’s size ranges from 2 inches. Made of a premium design, and this makes it straighten a wavy hair. The ceramic plate’s vibration fills with a volcanic mineral that helps to moisturize your hair. The bio ionic graphene mix hairdryer worth your money.

Bio Ionic Graphene


Foxybae Blomance Hair Dryer

FoxyBaeblomance is a hair straightener with powerful ion technology that predicts the importance of your hair as you style for a flawless finish. It thickens your hair and adds speed, adjusting heat all through the floating plates as you style for awesome results in just one stroke. FoxyBae has an optimum styling temperature, which protects the integrity of your hair without compromising the style. It gives a personalized hair experience through infinity sensors monitoring heat through the high gloss plates. FoxyBae gives the best quality services with innovative techniques and favorable price and has a nice reputation worldwide. Blomance gives a warranty of one year. This dryer has a rounded barrel that is the best for creating a myriad of styles, from loose curls to flawless straight.

FoxyBae also has ultra-zone technologies, one of the newest breakouts in hair styling, and guarantees heat throughout the plate, producing a beautiful shine and look. Its powerful 1600 watt professional-strength motor and patented air filter deliver high-pressure air flow for super-fast drying, whereas the advanced ionic technology reduces frizz to give smooth salon-style results in half the time. Blomance hair dryer is equipped with variable power and temperature controls, allowing you to tailor your machine to your type of hair, whereas a cool shot button enables you lock your finished style in place with a blast of cold air. The FoxyBaeblomance is also a breeze to use appreciations to its ergonomic design that makes it more comfortable to hold for both left and right-handed users, and a nine-foot-long power cable that gives flexibility as you style.

FoxyBaeblomance hair dryers curling Iron utilizes a spring-style clamp and Marcel-like rotating barrel to produce an excellent, effortless curl. You can easily lock the barrel in to use a traditional spring styling technology, or you unlock it and enable the Marcel-like rotations of the barrel to whirl your hair into a masterpiece. FoxyBaeblomance’s curling iron features an innovative ceramic barrel that constantly radiates far-infrared rays and negative ions into the hair when styling.

Foxybae Blomance




Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Bio Ionic graphene designed with curved edges is all black. Bio Ionic a soft touch handle that makes it easy for you to hold. It also has a flat iron that weighs 10 oz. with no cord. It’s weightless, thus making it effortless to handle when using it; you do not need to worry that is guaranteed.

Foxybae Blomance Hair Dryer

FoxyBae is a traditional hairdryer. Nonetheless, many people love the FoxyBaeblomance hair straightener’s design because of its black & rose gold style. Foxy Bae’s vent, the filter, and the cold shot button are done with rose gold paint, which looks high-end and makes the black body less boring. Unlike other regular buttons, the cool shot button is curved and large, then getting a blast of cold air during straightening is more effortless and convenient.

FoxyBae hairdryer is a multifunctional dryer designed for all hair types. It’s built with an ionic generator, and this optional feature enables the user to customize their styling further. Turn the ionic generator “on” and enable negative ions to create a conditioning effect on the hair and seal the hair cuticle for smooth, less frizzy results. The Hybrid Blow Dryer is the best for blowouts and works even overly curly, prone to frizz, or thick hair. It’s AC/DC combined power makes this dryer more powerful and lightweight.



Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Graphene is among the world’s most powerful heat conductor and works together with BIO IONIC Moisturizing Heat that ensures creating the softest and shiniest curls and protecting hair from heat damage at the same time. It’s made of a 1.25″ extended length barrel that is longer than a typical curling iron, and it faster creates loose waves and soft curls that last for long.

This machine has the best styling flat Iron for customizing the temperatures option. It has a range of the setting to allows you to set the heat you want. You can use it to control it in the newest ways, and the temperature is displayed.

Bio Ionic Graphene


Foxybae Blomance Hair Dryer

This hair dryer has a powerful motor with speed and heat control and produces healthy, consistent airflow to dry even the thickest, curly hair in a short period; and also lets you specialize your style. It’s best to start this 3-speed hairdryer with high heat to remove extra moisture, and then switch to low heat and speed when you’re prepared to style and perfect your look. This hair dryer is designed to help ladies achieve frizz-free and gorgeous hair they’ll love!

FoxyBaeblomance is mainly used in hair blow-drying and also has more uses to it. The blomance does not only style your hair; it’s also used in drying strands. It is made of Modern technology, which has floating plates and works together for frizz-free and shinier straightened hair.

Foxybae Blomance



BIO ionic graphene mx is lightweight, so you can handle it with one hand while the other hand is handling something else; this makes work faster for everyone. Bio Ionic also has a swivel end where the power cord goes into the handle, so the cord does not tangle up as you turn it around your head, and uses the same handle to reduce or to add heat at the same time. BIO ionic does not make noise when compared to other hairdryers meaning, and it can not disturb you while doing something different for yourself

Being a travel hairdryer, the built-in techniques of this FoxyBaeblomance blow dryer exceed our expectations. FoxyBae hairdryer is an ionic model that uses tourmaline to strengthen your hair’s smoothness and reduce frizz and static. However, the ceramic materials will emit infrared heat that protects your hair cuticles from high heat damage.

The negative side of this hairdryer is that it does not have a dual voltage setting. This is a basic feature for travel blow dryers because voltages vary in different countries.



Both Bio ionic graphene mx and FoxyBaeblomance hair dryers leave your hair shining and looking amazing and presentable all day. However, the main difference we notice for both products is that Dyson gives you a broad straighter for each hair type. Bio ionic is the most preferred for blow-drying and makes your hair straight and shiny all day in different hairstyles.

These two products are both are specified with hairstyling. Above, we have highlighted the features of each brand. Both products are well known and come up yearly with modern techniques to improve hairstyles. Both are made with high-quality material. Many users said that the controls are effortless to use, and the heat settings quickly enable hair drying.

Foxy Bae being a journey has dryer is more like a plain version of blomance hairdryer. Blomance does not have a powerful motor, and the settings are easier. FoxyBae hair dryer uses a one-button design; thus, you can only control the heat and speed at the same time. And it does not have a cool shot button that enables you to get cold air instantly. FoxyBae gets your hair done nicely. However, if you need a salon-grade hairdryer, the FoxyBae mini model might not be the best suit; choose the best one.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX vs Foxybae Blomance