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Air blush Soft glow duo with 5 shades

Oh, Marc , marc, marc. Its pure beauty heaven that everyone wants to enjoy not only in Us other than US Uk spain swiden all the people love to use it.

Marc’ s new Air Blush Soft Glow Duo is that kind of fellow that is Created with two shades that combine together so that you can apply by your side , your color with radiance that will be long lasting , these powders blends effortlessly and gives a silky-soft impact that looks like radiance .
Air Blush was fluctuated by the first celebrity makeup artist, Way Bandy. Bandy made his fame during the era of Studio 54 (so j factor) where he presented the concept of “color grow.” Bandy is the first who find a way to bring out the natural shape of the face by using lighter to highlight and darker shades for bounding – #OG status. Naturally this compact easily does this, but also works as a way to express your color by season and by look.


The striped palette was inspired by a Marc Jacobs dress and was done after a vintage cigarette case – like all Marc’s packaging, it’s super elegant and weightening less.

Air blush Soft glow duo. (5 shades)

Sade 1


Sade 2


Sade 3


Sade 4


Sade 5


Air Blush Soft Glow Duo Meter


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